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Blooket GitHub Hacks Free (May 2022) – How to Hack Blooket?

Having a hard time with a game on Blooket that you’re supposed to finish? This hacking guide has got you! Schools have been coming up with new and more interactive ways to teach their…


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20 Best Crosh Commands every Chromebook users should know


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Floppy Knights Beginners Guide: Strategies, Commanders, More

The game: Floppy Knights is an old-school strategic limited turn-based deck building rpg game produced by the ‘Rose City Games’. There is a retro-technology and magic fusion which makes the…
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Apex Legends Mobile Emulator Bypass Easy FIX (2022)

EA has released the beloved Battle Royale game, Apex Legends on Mobile. This guide will help you get rid of the “Emulator Detected” message while trying to open the game on an…
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Roblox: How to Votekick in Phantom Forces (2022)

Hackers have been a big problem in Phantom Forces on Roblox and this guide will highlight how to votekick in Phantom forces when it comes to any of the hackers from your lobby. Phantom forces,…
V Rising | Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Beginners

How To Get Dark Silver Ingots In V Rising 2022 Updated

This guide will walk you through the method to get your hands on Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising. It can be hard to figure out how to get certain material in V Rising. V Rising is an open-world…

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This guide will help you with every step required to find and craft Gold Ingots in V Rising. V Rising is a vampire survival game that is set in an open Goth world. You start off as a weak…