Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War: Everything you Need to Know

The 20th Anniversary of Bleach at Shueisha’s “Jump Festa” 2022 event has become a hot topic among anime lovers all over the globe. After an excruciating wait of eight long years, Bleach fans will be gifted with the Thousand-Year Blood War storyline in anime format most probably in October 2022.

Bleach is one of the most well-known Shonen Jump titles. All thanks to its epic characters for making the series in demand among the fans. The first season of the Bleach anime was released in 2001 and the last season, Season 16 ended in 2016.

In this guide, you will come to know everything you needed to know about the Japanese Anime Series, “Bleach” and the “Thousand-Year Blood War” (TYBW) anime adaptation.

All About “Bleach” Anime

Bleach is a Japanese Anime Series based on the manga novel of the same name by Tite Kubo. The adaptation includes new plot arcs and is a massive colossal with over 650 chapters spread in 74 volumes.

The plot is set in Karakura Town and the protagonist is Kurosaki Ichigo, a 15-year-old high school student. He is a teenager who transforms into a soul reaper and battles bad spirits due to certain circumstances. When he meets new foes and finds facts about himself, his life takes unexpected twists.

When warning sirens blare across the Soul Society, the tranquilly is abruptly disrupted. Residents are vanishing without a trace, and no one knows who is responsible. Meanwhile, in Karakura Town, a sinister shadow is stretching itself toward Ichigo and his pals.

Bleach, along with One Piece and Naruto, is regarded as one of the “Big Three” in the shonen anime community. It’s no surprise that the manga and anime versions of the series have a large following base. Fans of the series were understandably pleased when Shonen Jump confirmed the popular anime’s comeback in 2021.

After years of absence, many of these games are making a reappearance again. With all of the major titles coming out in 2021, it’s shaping up to be an overcrowded year for anime.

Bleach is getting a new anime series this year!

The Thousand-Year Blood War, the last arc of Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga, will be the subject of the new anime series this year. Shonen Jump announced the anime film adaptation of the Grand finale in March 2020, for the series’ 20th anniversary.

The anime will be getting the final season, Bleach Season 17 picks up where the series left off in 2012. This new season, also called the Quincy War would be adapting the Thousand-Year Blood War arc in the manga.

This big announcement of the new arc came as a big pleasant surprise, causing a social media frenzy. Fans had been disheartened for years with the ending of the anime but this news came as a big relief! The season will include a vast cast of characters, both old and new, with Yhwach, the Quincy commander, being the main enemy.

Bleach’s Anime Adaptation of the Thousand-Year Blood War Release Date

“Bleach’s” final manga arc the “Thousand-Year Blood War” is going to be adapted into an anime series: Season 17 which will be released in October 2022

So here is this great news for Anime lovers, “Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Anime Set to Premier in October 2022”.

The series, scheduled to premiere this year in TV Tokyo and its affiliated stations will start from where the first anime series left off. The next anime will cover the remainder of Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga.

Fans have been requesting the creators to bring back anime and animate the final and most important arc of TYBW for years. And now the release date announcement and the teaser video at the “Jump Festa” event have brought rays of positive hope for anime lovers. The internet is turned into a frenzy as the fans are expressing their excitement for the series.

What “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc is about?

The anime’s season 17 adapts the “Quincy War” storyline. The concept for this arc may be summarised as an all-out conflict between the Soul Society and the Quincy, who were assumed to have been wiped off by shinigami over a thousand years ago to prevent the world from crumbling. The main distinction between Shinigami and the Quincy is that shinigami purify Hollows and allow pure souls to transmigrate, whereas the Quincy entirely obliterates Hollows.

The Importance of the Season 17: Thousand Year Blood War adaptation

On March 27, 2012, the Bleach anime broadcast its final episode and finished the Fullbringer storyline. However, during the anime’s first run, Tite Kubo was probably dissatisfied with the adaptation. Kubo was most likely engaged in the decision not to animate the TYBW as a result however, this is unknown.

As a result, Bleach fans were left in the dust as other ‘Big 3’ series One Piece and Naruto progressed. The remaining manga analogues are either still being converted or have been entirely adapted in these two series. Bleach fans will now receive their due and finally get to watch the conclusion of their favourite series.

The cast and staff were also unveiled at the 20th-anniversary occasion. The series will be animated again by Studio Pierrot, although director Noriyuki Abe will be replaced by Tomohisa Taguchi. Akudama Drive, Twin Star Exorcists, and the second and fourth Persona 3 films are among Taguchi’s most well-known works. Masashi Kudo and Shiro Sagisu, the original character designer and composer, are slated to return.

Ichigo and Rukia will be played by Masakazu Morita and Fumiko Orikasa, respectively. The majority of the original cast members, as well as those who portrayed characters from the Bleach: Brave Souls game who were not yet included in the anime, will return.
The Thousand-Year Blood War arc of the Bleach manga, which ran from volume 55 to volume 74, was the last arc of the series.

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