Prakriti, she loves to write about k- pop, dramas, and global issues! She considers the writing as a sword! Last but not least she's kinda mixed with Lil medicine! She believes names have been and will be passed down to this world through time. Just obvious that in the practice of writing changes are Inhabitable!

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Brotato Season 1 Ultimate Beginner Guide: Tips & Tricks

Brotato is a roguelike arena shooter that plays differently from parallel games in the genre. You will be working with weapon shapes and...

Overwatch 2
Error FixesOverwatch

How to fix Overwatch 2 Client Requested Disconnect Errors

Overwatch 2 is a 2022 super shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment. As a prequel to the 2016 hero shooter Overwatch, the game means...

victoria 3

Victoria 3: Top 3 Best Countries to Play

Victoria 3 is out now; players can affect the world order to change the path of human history for a period. The game...

Goat Simulator 3 compressed 1
Error Fixes

Goat Simulator 3 All Error Fix

If Goat Simulator 3 crashes, Goat Simulator 3 will not start, Goat Simulator 3 not installing, there are no wheels in Goat Simulator...

blue dot
GuidesCall of Duty

How to unlock Blue Dot Reticles in COD Modern Warfare 2

Blue Dot is a Modern Warfare 2 features a closely unparalleled level of weapon customization but not everyone is prepared to give up...

Batora2 compressed

Batora: Lost Haven Ultimate Beginner Guide: Tips & Tricks

Batora: Lost Haven, a new planetary action RPG from Stormwind Games, will be on sale on October 20 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox...

Overwatch 2 Memes

Overwatch 2 Memes From Reddit Revealed Shocking Meme!

Overwatch 2 Memes are the talk of the roaster now! So many learners at this very moment on the subreddit, I feel as...

Gotham knights 3 compressed

Gotham Knights: How To Find All 60 Batarangs Locations

Gotham Knights have 60 Batarang Locations. Discovery of all Gotham Knights Batarangs unlocks the Gotham Knights Batarang Amasser trophy and achievement. They are...

coral island compressed

How to Get New Clothes In Coral Island Easily in 3 Steps

Coral Island is the nominal setting of Coral Island, the future tropical farming imitation game by Stairway Games. It is a luxurious area...

a plague tale trailer compressed
GuidesA Plague Tale

Best Top 6 A Plague Tale Requiem Skills (Oct 2022)

A Plague Tale Requiem‘s skill tree organization is a bit unorthodox in that you can’t pick and select what you want to grab....