bf2042 hazard zone tips and tricks

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Beginners Guide. This Guide will help you to become better at playing in the new game mode called Hazard...

best loadout for bf2042
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Battlefield 2042: Best M5A3 & AK24 Loadout (Assualt Rifle)

Battlefield 2042 weapons are different from all the FPS shooters out there. It’s hard for people to control the weapon recoil with different...

best loadout for bf2042
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Battlefield 2042: Best Visibility Settings | See enemies clearly

The most recent Battlefield game is Battlefield 2042. It is based on what will happen in the future. It’s a classic all-out conflict....

battlefield 2042 skins unlock
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Battlefield 2042 – Unlock Cosmetic Skins & Outfits for Free

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta release date is just announced, and players can try the open beta from October 8, Here we have lots...

battlefield 2042 pro controller settings
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Battlefield 2042 Best Controller Settings (By Pro Players)

Battlefield Open Beta has finally been released for everyone to play. If you are a new Battlefield Player you might need some pro...

preload battlefield 2042
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How to Preload and Play Battlefield 2042 Open Beta

Battlefield 2042 Early access has already started. You can preload the game on 05/10/2021. If you are one of the people who don’t...

Indian Specialist naveen rao battlefield 2042

BF 2042: Indian Specialist Naveen Rao Explained (Guide)

Battlefield 2042 has released complete information on all the remaining specialists we couldn’t see in the BETA. They showed off a total number...

slide cancel in battlefield 2042
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How to do Slide Cancel in Battlefield 2042 (Move Faster)

Slide Cancel in Warzone and Call of Duty is popular and an essential mechanic to learn. If you are familiar with the slide...

best sniper laodout in bf2042
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Best SWS-10 Loadout for Battlefield 2042 (Sniper Rifle)

Battlefield 2042 currently has one sniper rifle only, and it’s called SWS-10. It’s so overpowered that you can instantly kill any enemy player...

Battlefield 2042
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How To Capture A Sector In Battlefield 2042

Contest mode in Battlefield 2042 is all about sectors and how you can hold on to a particular sector during a match. There...