Battlefield 2042 – Unlock Cosmetic Skins & Outfits for Free

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta release date is just announced, and players can try the open beta from October 8, Here we have lots of expectations from this game as it was already in hype for a long.

In this post, we will be looking at the Battlefield 2042 Cosmetics, Skins, and the Outfits that will be available in the Open beta soon.

Brief Details about Battlefield 2042 Open Beta

The Battlefield 2042 Open beta is starting from October 8 and will close till 10th October 2021. The game is really amazing FPS game and is available for all platforms.

Ribbons – The Progression in-game is based on the ribbon system, you can earn more XP, same as Battlefield 4 you can collect ribbons to get more XP’s in the game.

Objectives – Many Tasks are available in this game, Progress in the game by completing the objectives, also gain more XP’s

Weapons – Unlock new weapons in the game, by leveling up you will get rewards and XP’s along with new Weapons that you can use.

Player Cards – Players can show off their Play level with playing icon, title, art, and some badges that they will earn by leveling up.

How to get Skins in Battlefield 2042 Open Beta?

Battlefield 2042 has lots of Weapon cosmetics that you can unlock easily without doing much. You can earn Cosmetics in the game by completing the levels and by leveling up. Cosmetics are available for Specialists, Weapons, and Vehicles.

  • Weapon skins
  • Vehicle Skins
  • Melee Weapons Skins

There are some cool Weapon Skins in battlefield 2042, that you can achieve in multiple ways.

  • Common (Grey) – These are common grey skins, that are generally default skins in the game which is not needed to be unlocked, it is available for free.
  • Rare (Blue) – This skins have Headgear component and a Body component, that you can match it with headgear with other body components.
  • Epic (Purple) – Same as Rare one, it has headgear as well as body components. and can be mixed with other skins.
  • Legendary (Gold) – This Legendary skin is different from all others, they are single outfit and players cannot mix it with any other skins.
bf 2042 skin2
bf 2042 skin3

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The Skins will be applied on the whole weapon, covering the attachments you had on the weapons. Also you can modify your vehicles in the game, by applying skins to it.

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