How To Capture A Sector In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

Contest mode in Battlefield 2042 is all about sectors and how you can hold on to a particular sector during a match. There are your flags and enemy flags, and capturing the enemy flag and protecting your flag is important.

Once you have captured all the flags in the territory, then you have captured the sector. The more sectors you capture, the closer you come towards victory. Maintain a grip on the majority of sectors, and you’ll steadily drain your enemies of reinforcements.

Conquest Mode

Battlefield 2042 conquest

Conquest is a game mode which covers a large territory and huge battles over map control points and continual reduction in strength of the enemy team. This game mode got first introduced in Battlefield 1942.

To win the round, one of the teams must reduce the enemy’s reinforcement tickets to zero or have more tickets than the enemy by the end of the round. The status of each control point on the map and amount of tickets is present above the minimap.

Capturing A Sector

Battlefield 2042

A sector is an area in the battlefield which needs to be captured in order to complete the objective, and the more sector you capture and hold leads your team to victory. You must not let the enemy get back the sector you just captured.

You also need to take (and hold) objectives on the map to control sectors. The more sectors you control, the more you drain the enemy team of tickets (reinforcements). If either team reaches zero tickets, the match is over and the other team wins.

The areas through which you can reach a sector can be different. So you have to understand the map before proceeding to any sector. Surroundings can be pretty dangerous as people tend to camp for different angles, so choosing the right path is difficult.

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