How To Heal And Revive In Battlefield 2042: Heal, Syringe & More

Battlefield 2042 is going to release the beta and soon the whole game will be out. You will experience all the classic moments’ battlefield. In this Battlefield 2042 guide, we will learn how you can revive your fallen teammates and get them back in the battlefield.

Reviving teammate is an essential feature of a first-person shooter game. This way you can easily overcome enemy with number if they don’t use the revive feature and earn a dominating victory.

Heal teammates in Battlefield 2042


Healing is very important in any first-person shooter games. On low health, you can not do anything unless you are a master, but you can’t clutch in every situation. You can not help your teammates or complete the objective and keep dying. So, healing is important.

There is an auto heal feature. When you or your teammates get damage, and they hide somewhere after that without taking further damage this auto heal will automatically start healing them, but this takes time to heal to the fullest.

Then comes the Medic crates. These are also an essential way to heal. Just throw them on the ground and when your teammates walk over the crate, they will get healed over a short duration. Note there is a cooldown, you will not be able to use other crate immediately.

Also make sure during the healing process do not take any damage. During the healing process, if you take any further damage the healing process stops, and you will again be on low health.

The Specialist Maria Falck has a syrette pistol, allowing her to heal herself. She can shoot this syringe on the friends and heal them. If she misses the shot and the syringe lands on the ground, it can be used by any friend or enemy.

Revive teammates in Battlefield 2042


Revive teammates is also an essential feature provided by battlefield 2042. The teammates usually revive automatically when they are down or get killed in the battlefield. This saves times for teammates so that they can focus on the objective.

Just like other game’s auto revive feature is there. For squad revive, you can use the Buddy Revive feature, similar to Battlefield V. Just go near the teammate, and it will show the option for buddy revive.

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