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BGMI 1.6 Update News, APK available to download today?

BGMI is constantly being updated because there are so many players enjoying and playing BGMI. The 1.6 updates of BGMI will bring some exciting a cool features that players are gonna love it.

The new update of BGMI 1.6 will bring a lot of exciting stuff. It has been confirmed that there will be a new game mode in BGMI called Flora Menace. The game mode will consist of cool new features such as Dynahex Supply, Rejuvenation Barrier and Cell-Matrix.

When will new BGMI 1.6 update gets released for android and iOS devices?

bgmi new update release date apk download
Bgmi 1.6 update release date

As you can clearly see in the image above, the BGMI 1.6 update will be released on the android and iOS platforms in the upcoming days.

There’s been a slight delay because of the difference in Time zones, but the BGMI devs have officially confirmed that the update will release on the following dates.

Update Release date and time?

Launch time for android: 16 September (Thursday) from 2:30 PM to 17 September (Friday) till 3:30 PM. This calculation is based on the IST (Indian timezone)

The BGMI Update will be released in the timeframe mentioned above. There will be a lot more new and exciting features coming in this update, so stay tuned. You can download the apk of bgmi 1.6 updates from the play store.

Launch time for iOS: 17 September (Friday) at 11:00 AM. This calculation is based on the IST (Indian timezone)

The same goes for the iOS version of the game, and you can head to the Apple app store and download the update of BGMI on September 17.

Upcoming Features and Patch notes for BGMI 1.6 Update

You can read the features below that are being implemented in the new update of BGMI:

  • Flora Menace (New gamemode).
  • AI Mode (VS).
  • Fatal Contamination event.
  • User Interface / Settings Updates.
  • New addition of weapons for the arena mode.
  • Training Grounds Update/Fixes.
  • Vehicle Fixes, Balance updates.
  • Flight Route.
  • and many more.

if you are interested, you can also read out guides on BGMI and get better at the game. Just head onto our BGMI section and start dominating.

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