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BGMI Device Ban: All About BGMI Hackers and Hardware Ban

Ever Wondered how these BGMI Hacks are affecting the gaming community, and how they are implemented? Well, these BGMI hacks are way too common nowadays, to stop these Krafton has now implemented the device ban feature.

BGMI is one of the most downloaded and Played Mobile Battle royale games, another variant of the PUBG Mobile version, which is still the best battle royale game in the Indian gaming community.

But as soon the game gets old, there is a rise in hackers in BGMI, most of the hackers are ruining the game by using various BGMI Hacks like – BGMI ESP Hacks, Aimbot, No Recoil, and many others.

What is Actually a Device Ban?

Device Ban is the hardware ban, if you are banned you cannot play the game again on that device, By implementing this Device Ban in BGMI, Krafton has truly taken the most strict measures to introduce a new device ban feature to ban all hackers who are still using hacks in-game.

This Concept is already running on PUBG Mobile and other PC games like Valorant, Fortnite, and more. ‘Krafton’ finally decided to implement this on the BGMI, which is good for BGMI players.

How Does the BGMI Device Ban Works?

The feature was also announced on BGMI’s social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram. The feature serves as a proper warning to hackers who attempt to destroy the game by hacking.

Cheaters will be punished via a Device ban, their devices will be flagged and will be banned permanently. They will no longer play BGMI on the same device they use cheats for.

In this way, cheaters cannot make new accounts to hack again, as they are now Hardware banned.

Will Device Ban also leads to BGMI Account Ban

It Depends if the cheater’s account is also banned along with the Device. If he is found with bigger exploits the BGMI will take strict action to ban his device as well as account at the same time.

Also, there can only be a device ban, but no account ban, In this case, your account can be used normally, and you can log in using a different device and play normally.

Can you unban your BGMI Account after Device Ban?

To Make sure that the hacker does not bypass the BGMI device ban, and access his device, Krafton is giving Permanent Suspension without any time limit. It means there is no way hackers can bypass the device ban.

That was all about BGMI Device Ban, finally, the anti-cheat of BGMI is going to improve a lot with this feature. And is going to be implemented by Krafton in the upcoming days in a proper manner, which was confirmed by the BGMI developers.

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