BGMI Lite: Expected Launch Date, Pre-Register & Downloads

BGMI is one of the most downloaded Mobile games after PUBG Mobile. There are already more than 16 million players who have installed the game and enjoying it.

After the successful hit of BGMI for high-end devices such as iPhones and other high-budget android phones, There was a missing lite version for low-end devices. Some players were still struggling, as they face lags and other FPS issues in the BGMI.

Here in this article, we provide every detail about the BGMI lite that you are looking for. Check out the whole article for BGMI lite release date or expected dates and other requirements for the BGMI lite version.

Will there be BGMI Lite Release or not?

According to various official sources such as Twitter and other discord announcements, it is clear that there will be a BGMI lite Release for the low-end device gamers.

Also, After the Abhijeet Andhare (Ghatak Gaming) interview on Sportskeeda, he said that the release of BGMI lite is sure and can be released at the end of December 2021.

bgmi lite officiall poll

Also, Recently there was an active poll on the Official BGMI Discord server regarding the BGMI Lite release, asking users about “Why do you need BGMI LITE Version?” which also makes it clear about the release for the game.

BGMI Lite Release Date (Expected)

The Release Date for BGMI lite is not yet decided or announced yet, but according to official sources, it is clear that BGMI lite will be released around the End of December 2021 or mid-January 2022.

  • Expected Release Date : Dec 2021 – Jan 2022

BGMI Lite Minimum Requirements

As the game is already the lite version of BGMI, players do not need to worry about the specs, but still, it is essential to note down the expected requirements that BGMI Lite will need to run, like the amount of RAM and processor that we can expect, till the official sources confirm out.

  • RAM : 2GB (Expected)
  • Android : 4.0 or Higher (Expected)

Those who have less RAM or other device issues can easily play this lite version on their phone after it is released.

Players Reaction about BGMI lite

As the news breaks out about the release of BGMI Lite, players are showing their emotions on social media with the #bgmilite tag and adding to their stories about that.

Also, some Influencers like Abhijeet (Ghatak Gaming), Maxtern, Praveen Chaudhary (GoDPraveen YT) are talking about the BGMI Lite release for their BGMI fans.

That was all about BGMI lite release, expected launch date, requirements, and players reaction about the release that we have provided up here, but there are more to be cover
about the BGMI lite, follow our site for upcoming BGMI Lite news from directly official sources or Krafton.

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