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How to unlock/enable Pubg Mobile and BGMI 90 FPS Low End Device Lag Fix

Krafton developed and published Battlegrounds Mobile India, an online multiplayer battle royale game. The game is only available to Indian users. Indian users love this game and is the most played game.

With device limitation, many users are unable to get above 60 fps and some users even get below 30. In this guide we will talk on how you can fix the fps issue and unlock 90 fps on any smartphones.

Step 1: Create Virtual Ram

swap apk virtual ram

Virtual memory’s main advantages include removing the need for applications to manage a shared memory space and providing additional storage space for volatile operations such as keeping apps ready in the background.

So you need not worry of keeping your game in background and thinking it will stop or forced to close. Virtual Ram will keep that app running for you, and it also helps you run apps that require huge memory.

Step 1.1: Steps to create Virtual Ram

  • Note that increasing virtual ram will take up your storage space.
  • Download the app by clicking on this link.
  • Now open settings and look to how much storage space you have left.
  • Open Swap App.
  • In the Swap Size, enter the value of your storage space left × 1024 divided by 4.
  • For example if you have 10 GB of storage space left then your swap size will be (10×1024)/4 is equal to 2560 MB.
  • If you have large storage space, you can change 4 to a lower number like 2.

Step 2: BGMI/ PUBG Mobile Graphics Tool (GFX)

In order to get 90 fps or unlock Extreme options in the graphics settings on BGMI and PUBG Mobile, you need to either get an update from your manufacture or you have to use a graphics tool to get it on low end device.

Note that using graphics tool and running on 90 fps using more power. Thus, you will face heavy battery drainage and heating issues, but the gameplay will be smooth, and you will not face any lag.

  • Click on this link to download the graphics tool.
  • Open the graphics tool.
  • Choose the maximum resolution available. Lower resolution means more stable fps.
  • Set graphics as smooth.
  • In FPS set it as 90 for extreme fps settings.
  • For other settings take the reference of the image.

Step 3: Developer Mode Settings

minimise or remove android animations

Minimizing the number of animations on your Android device can help it run faster. These parameters can be enabled in the developer options. These options can be found in various locations on every smartphone.

  • Go to the options’ menu.
  • In the settings, look for About Phone.
  • The build number can be found in the About Phone section.
  • 7 times, tap on the Build Number.
  • You’ll get alerts saying you’re 3-4 steps away from being a developer after 3-4 touches.
  • You’ll receive the notice stating you’re a developer when you’ve tapped 7 times.

Developer mode may now be found in the settings after you’ve activated it. It’s normally found under the system options, but it varies each smartphone, and you might find it under a different heading.

  • Now go to developer mode.
  • Find the window’s scaling animation by scrolling down.
  • Set the scaling animation for Windows to.5x or off.
  • Carry out the same procedure for transition scale animation.
  • Animator duration scale should be set to.5x or off.
  • “Force 4x MSAA” should be enabled.
  • Scroll down and select “Force allow apps on external” from the drop-down menu.
  • “Force activities to be resizable” should be enabled.

Step 4: Update your phone

Updating your smartphone may help you boost your game performance and get you the required 90 fps frames for games. It depends on whether your device manufacturer has provided the 90 fps update.

  • Open settings and go to the above phone section.
  • Look for the Android version.
  • Click on it and check for updates.
  • If there are any updates, install it.

Step 5: Update the Game

Keeping the game up-to-date fixes key issues and improves performance. To update your game to the current version and fix bugs, follow the procedures below:

  • Click on this link.
  • If you see an update option, select it.
  • If you see install, click it, and it will take you to the Google Play Store, where you may update.
  • Allow for the completion of the update.
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