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CatLife: BitLife Cats Review

CatLife is a new addictive life simulation game from BitLife Creators which is now available for the players. In this hysterically adventurous game, you can simulate your life as a cat. You can be a backstreet cat hunting for food or a devoted pet to an elderly lady, grooming yourself in front of the fire.

As you engage with hundreds of scenarios in your quest to become the sweetest or deadliest kitten in town, your tale is absolutely yours to tell! You can either be a smitten kitty with kind and affectionate behavior or an independent brassy bold kitty. The game is going to make you keep coming back for more, as no two CatLife lives are alike!

Imagine if you were a cat… How would you live your life as a cat? What adventures will you take up..? or what fun will you explore..?

Features Of This Game

The game is a perfect pick-up for cat lovers. Imagine roaming on the streets or inside a home as a cat, being independent, and throwing sass.

The game has various characteristic features that every cat lover will definitely enjoy while exploring the game. The features provided are as follows:

Ascend to the top of the hierarchy and rule the animal world!

Let everyone know that you’re the coolest cat in the neighborhood and educate everyone on why cats are superior to dogs. Be a smart dude, take on adventures and prove to them all that you got everything you need to lead this animal world.

Where will you stay?

The game has got four unique habitations: a home, a shelter, a pet store, or a stray cat on the streets. Choose from these four different environments, call it home and begin your cat story.

Which character can you be?

You could be any cat, there are lots of breeds of cats available to choose from such as a Himalayan, Persian, Sphynx, Maine coon, and many more. You can use the custom character feature to rejuvenate your own pet and see the world through their virtual life.

Lots of surprises, achievements and possibilities!

Keep collecting the ribbons and awards to celebrate the adventures you have had. You can become the scent collector as you add as many scents to your fragrance database as you can. Make interactions with other animals too. Sitting idly won’t work out, work your way to the top of the animal hierarchy by completing multiples of adventures.

Make Choices and Face The Consequences!

The possibilities are extremely limitless. Your choices decide your fate. The question is will you prolong the cat-dog rivalry, or will you be a paw-some companion?

All in all the game is fantastic. If you are a pet lover and would like to live a life as a pet, then here is this game a perfect option for you. Begin your CatLife adventure right away and watch your sims’ storylines unfold!

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