How To Become President In BitLife (2022)

When you’re playing a life simulator like Bitlife, it is only fair to want to control a country in it and become the President. Although, it’s not easy to become a President in Bitlife. This guide will take you through the process of doing the same and the tips and tricks that you can use to make your chances to win an election better.

To become a president, you need tons of popularity, money, and experience. We will discuss how to get all these, both legal and illegal way, and also the rest of the process that goes into standing for the Presidential spot in the first place.

Become a President in Bitlife

First of all, before we start with anything else, you need to be a part of the Bitlife Premium Membership to be able to run for President. You can buy the membership for around $4.99. This is a necessary step because, when we said that you need the money earlier, we meant both in-game and out of it. Once you’ve got your premium membership, follow the following steps.

Smart and Looks

The best thing about Bitlife is that the characters can be rerolled before you start playing the game. There are four basic indexes that every character has which are happiness, Health, Smart, and Looks. When you run for the presidential election later to become a President in Bitlife, the indexes you require the most points in are Smart and Looks.

So, your presidential campaign starts from the very moment you launch the game because you need to make sure these two indexes are above 60 when you start your player. This might take a bunch of rerolls but it will be worth it.


Since you can’t really become a President in Bitlife while you’re still young, might as well spend that time honing abilities that will help you with them, right? Once you’re done with high school, you can go for a degree in Politics or Social Science to make your chances of becoming the President slightly better. This is not a necessary step but is highly recommended.

Become a President

With all the early and mid-life things out of the way, let’s get into the major aspects of winning the election. For doing so, you need to make sure to keep up with a bunch of things as mentioned below. Becoming a President can be a tedious task because of these things and you’ll see why.

Popularity/Fame is one of the most important things and you can probably see why. You need people to know you for them to even think about casting a vote for you. Popularity can be gained by making a social media account and engaging with your followers regularly, Giving a Speech, showing up on TV every time you can, and marrying a royalty.

Another thing we mentioned at the start of the article is the requirement for money. This can be gained in various amounts of legal and illegal ways, but make sure you don’t get caught. Because a criminal record never does good for a President. Similarly, the experience can be gained repeatedly with each election that happens. It is required to keep good relations with all the members of the political parties, etc.

Finally, you can run for a Mayor or Governor position that requires you to have at least $200,000 and $500,000 respectively. Winning an election depends on all the factors that we’ve mentioned in the article. Once you’ve served as a governor for a couple of terms, you can try running for the president for which you need $1,000,000.

Luck also has a play in deciding if you become a President in Bitlife or not, but it also heavily depends on your likeability.

That is all to become a President in Bitlife. Hope this article was helpful.

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