How To Do MASTER of DEATH challenge in Bitlife (FanMade)

In this guide, we will tell you how to complete the MASTER of DEATH Challenge in Bitlife easily by simply completing all the mentioned steps below. Remember to earn some money as required by some tasks.

Bitlife is a reality-based simulator that runs a text-based interface. It contains real-life scenarios of what could happen based on the options you choose and how these choices will affect your future life and goals.

These challenges have a total of six tasks that you need to perform in order to complete the challenge. These tasks may be super easy but this may some time to perform as some things require multiple tries unless your luck is great.

These challenges include:

  • Have a total of 7 Karma.
  • Live in Afghanistan.
  • Work for the military.
  • Try not to die.
  • Optional: Kill your sibling
  • Leave Afghanistan at the age of 50 or older.

Once you perform all these tasks you can easily complete this challenge. Make sure to check the below video on how you can easily perform this task.

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