How to Join the Mafia Bitlife? Mafia Guide

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Bitlife is a text-based online life simulator where players are able to make various different decisions throughout the journey of their in-game life to see where they end up in the end. The game is a lot of fun and even with such a small team, the developers have managed to create something very engaging.

The amount of stuff that you can do in Bitlife is insane and we are sure you will spend a lot of time exploring the various possibilities and scenarios the game presents.

There are some very interesting things that you can pull off in Bitlife that we are sure not many people will do in their own life, one such thing is being a part of the Mafia.

Since many players are very intrigued to know about the process of joining the Mafia in Bitlife, we have decided to bring you this guide to clear all your doubts so you can try becoming a part of the Mafia on your own game.

Complete Process of Joining The Mafia

bitlife mafia 11zon
Source- BitLife Twitter

Reach 18 Years of Age

You cannot select any occupation before the age of 18, so you will have to wait till you are at least 18 before you can even try to become a gang member.

Select Organised Crime As Your Profession

Under the occupations tab, you will see an option of “special careers” right at the bottom, click on this option. You will now be asked to choose from a variety of options, among these options there will be an option of “organized crime” which you will need to choose.

Select The Mafia

There are many mob families in the game of which you can be a part if you do decide to get into organized crime. The names of the families have been listed below –

  • The Irish Mob
  • The Latin Mafia
  • The Mafia
  • The Russian Mob
  • The Triad
  • The Yakuza

All of these are very similar with no real distinctions in outcomes and you can choose any one of these but since this guide is about joining the Mafia, you need to select that option.

There are many requirements before you are selected for the crime family you chose and you will surely be rejected if you lack a solid criminal background. In order to ensure that you are selected, make sure to start committing small crimes early on. Once you become a part of the gang, you will be required to commit more heinous crimes and gain notoriety among fellow criminals.

That is all you need to know about the process of getting into the Mafia in Bitlife! We hope this guide helped you with your criminal walkthrough of the game.

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