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How to get Century Age Of Ashes All Achievements (Full Guide)

In this guide, we will mention all Century Age Of Ashes achievements you can get, including all trophies and from the rarest to the easiest one. Check all the trophies and their description on how to achieve them.

Master a growing range of classes and dragons in Century: Age of Ashes, a free-to-play aerial multiplayer dragon warfare game created and published by Playwing Bordeaux in 2021.

The game is available on nearly all platforms (Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One S/X, Xbox Series S/X) in 2022.

All Achievements Century Age Of Ashes

Century Age of Ashes Lag Fix, Low-end, FPS, Stuttering

These achievements may require you to play the game for a longer duration and some achievements may take a long time to complete and some you can complete even in the first match of the game.

First FlightComplete the Tutorial
GreenhornWin 10 matches
SoldierWin 50 matches
VeteranWin 100 matches
KillerKill 50 enemies
AssassinKill 100 enemies
ExecutionerKill 200 enemies
KnightReach level 20
EarlReach level 50
MonarchReach level 100
HousebreakerMake the enemy coffers explode using the Vault-Breacher
Music-loverFind and ring the bell on Hünavatn Lake
ImmortalComplete a match without dying
Grand SlamIn Gates of Fire, pass all gates in one try
Gold CollectorIn Spoils of War, stash a single load of 200 Gold
Gold HoarderIn Spoils of War, stash a single load of 400 Gold
Stopped DeadSmash your dragon into a wall and die
ChampionAppear 20 times on the end match podium
Divine SkewerKill 5 enemies with the Drakepiercer
BreederHatch 5 eggs
Leave your MarkWin 10 matches as Marauder
Cloak and DaggerWin 10 matches as Phantom
Protect and ServeWin 10 matches as Windguard
Reach for GloryBe ranked
Public EnemyConsume a level 6 Bounty in Carnage
One For AllWin a match while in a squad
UnleashedKill the Berserk Wraith 5 times in Carnage
Murderous WrathKill 5 enemies while being Berserk
Royal RaimentsEquip a character with 3 Epic or Legendary items
For BloodWin 5 Carnage matches
For GloryWin 5 Gates of Fire matches
For GoldWin 5 Spoils of War matches
The Chosen OneBe showcased before a match
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