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Farthest Frontier Available Cheats: How can you use Cheats?

Farthest Frontier is a city builder survival game developed and published by Crate Entertainment. In this game, the player has to build a town from scratch in the wilderness and then protect his people, grow food and craft items for trade and other tasks.

The game is a hybrid of a survival game and a builder game which provides the player with the fun of both worlds.

Farthest Frontier requires grinding the game but many players don’t have the time to do so or just don’t want to grind because grinding always doesn’t guarantee you the town of your dreams that you are willing to build.

Farthest Frontier cheats

Here the cheats come into play, most of the games have cheats which allow players to manipulate the flow of the game according to their vision and wishes. However, we do not promote players to play the game with cheats.

This article will tell you all you need to know about Cheats and Farthest Frontier:

Can you use Cheats?

The short answer to this question would be Yes. Although there are very limited ways to use cheats in Farthest Frontier one of the most popular ways is using a trainer application named WeMod.

How to use the cheats?

Since developers of games decided not to allow the use of cheats natively, now a player has to use third-party trainer applications to use cheats. WeMod allows the users to apply cheats and use them in the game to save hours of game time and have the fun they want.

You just have to download the application from their website and install it. The application will automatically scan the games and provide you with the options of what cheats to use in the game. Remember to use the trainer at your own risk.

Farthest Frontier Cheats1

What cheats are available?

WeMod’s Farthest Frontier trainer has around 24 cheats and supports steam as well. These are the cheats available as mentioned on their website:

  1. Unlimited Villager Health
  2. Unlimited Building Health
  3. Super Combat & Work Rate
  4. Max Villager Diet
  5. Stop Losing Warmth
  6. 0 Cost Build
  7. Instant Build
  8. Max Cure Chance All Diseases
  9. Prevent Diseases
  10. Villager Stop Generating Waste
  11. Prevent Building Fire
  12. Ignore Building Upgrade Requirement
  13. Fruit Tree Blessing
  14. Multiply Villager Move Speed
  15. Super Transport Wagon Speed
  16. Add Time / Day
  17. Add Month / Season
  18. Edit Year
  19. ZA WARUDO! [Time Stop]
  20. Unlimited Villager Happiness
  21. Quick Replenish Well Water
  22. Unlimited Mineral Deposit
  23. Mega Storage Capacity
  24. Multiply Resources/Items Get

You can easily apply these cheats as they are toggleable in the application. They also come with shortcut keys which you can find in the application. WeMod also has a smartphone app which allows the users to toggle the cheats on or off from their smartphone in the game, so it’s very easy.

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