Sniper Elite 5 Trainer: Can you cheat in Sniper Elite PC?

Sniper Elite 5 is a third-person tactical shooter stealth video game developed and published by Rebellion Developments. It is the sequel to Sniper Elite 4 and was released on 26 May 2022 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The short answer is, yes you can cheat in sniper elite and since it is a pretty old game which used to use cheat-codes, there are ways you can get around their anti-cheat. The way we will show you today is the only working solution right now (Trainer).

How to use Sniper Elite 5 Trainer PC:

Follow this guide to activate cheats in Sniper Elite 5

  • Go to the trainer’s website
  • Download their trainer
  • Once you open it, navigate to settings
  • Uncheck the EAC option
  • Start the game and press F1 on the main menu
trainer cheat sniper elite 5

Common Trainer key binds:

  • Numpad 1: Unlimited Health
  • Numpad 2: Invisible
  • Numpad 3: Unlimited Heartbeat Stamina
  • Numpad 4: Unlimited Lung Aim Air
  • Numpad 5: Unlimited Ammo
  • Numpad 6: No Reload
  • Numpad 7: Unlimited Usable Items
  • Numpad 8: Easy Teleport to Map Waypoint
  • Numpad 9: Game Speed increase

This was a guide on cheating in the new Sniper Elite 5. If you liked this make sure to leave a comment down below and check out our other guides

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