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Mine Racer Working Codes (November 2022)

We all are aware of the game called Roblox. It is one of the most downloaded games on the planet right now and it’s still growing in popularity. Roblox also develops other mini-games and one of them which is a hot topic right now is called Mine Racer within the Roblox app itself.

Mine racer is a Roblox mini-game that is based on popular clicking games which are in itself pretty cool and popular for years. In this game, you have to use your pickaxe and dig an infinite hole in the ground. It also has leader board system which calls for a nice friendly competition as to who gets the top spot.

Winning in this game solely relies on your ability to upgrade your pickaxe weapon and buy eggs which, you guessed it right, hatch powerful pets to aid in your mining process and top the leaderboard.

role of codes in mine racer

Mine racer codes are basically like goodies or one can say freebies given out by the developer from Rice Bowl Studios within the game that awards the player with great rewards if you know how to redeem them of course. The addition of new codes happens every month in the form of game updates and milestones or in the form of some in-game event with a lot of free-to-get content. This makes sure that the game is always dynamic and exciting and that players always have something to look forward to. We all love in-game easter eggs like codes and this guide covers all you have to know about the codes and how to get and redeem them.

codes and how to redeem them

These are all the codes you need to know for this month:


  • WORLDCUP -> Get 50 Trophies
  • UPDATE3 -> Get 25 Trophies
  • 5000LIKES -> Get 5000 Coins
  • THANKYOU! -> Get 5000 Coins


  • 500LIKES -> Get 500 Coins
  • SECRET -> Get 5000 Coins
  • RELEASE -> Get 500 Coins
  • UPDATE2 -> Get 5000 Coins


Here is how you can redeem these codes in the game:

  • Open ROBLOX and Launch Mine Racer game.
  • Look out for a blue-colored marked area where ‘codes’ is written and Twitter logos are also there.
  • An option will come to enter your code, enter it.
  • Press ‘Confirm’ and enjoy your reward.

Just remember to enter the code as it is written and given here or else it won’t work as these, like most codes, are case-sensitive for every letter.

Checkout Roblox here

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