Roblox Nerf Strike Codes (August 2022)

nerf strike codes

Every ’90s and 00’s kid knows the craze of Nerf Guns. And if you are the one, who is alone with your Nerf Guns; and no one is there to play with you, then it’s great to play it online on Roblox.

Roblox Nerf Strikes gives you a better experience of Nerf Gun Game, with other online players. Roblox Nerf Strike codes allow the player to have a better upgrade in the game. And in this blog, we are gonna share some redemption codes which will give you different kinds of benefits, which are listed below too.

Roblox Nerf Strike Code List

What are Redeem Codes?

If you do not know about redeem codes, so these are some special codes, which provide you with some extra benefits in-game. These codes are produced by the developers of the game. And if you have got redeem codes, it will be better that you use them as soon as possible, because, these codes can get expire. If you find some codes expired, do let us know.

How to Use Redeem Codes?

  • Launch the game.
  • Click on the Promo Code button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • In the new window, enter one of the active promo codes.
  • Press Confirm and enjoy your free rewards.

Active Redeem Codes for Roblox Nerf Strike

  • blast50k – Redeem this code to get 1K Gems 
  • Raconidas – Redeem this code to get Red Concentric skins
  • Russo – Redeem this code to get two skins
  • blast125k – Redeem this code to get 1.5k Gems
  • megatime – Redeem this code to get a Mega Magnus
  • blast100k – Redeem this code to get Gems and a Common Dragon Crate
  • 10m75k -Redeem this code to get Gems

Nerf Strike Codes (Expired)

These Nerf Strike codes no longer work.

  • NERFTIME – Redeem this code to get Ultra Amp Blaster (New Code)
  • blast30k – Redeem this code to get 1K Gems
  • blast20k – Redeem this code to get 1K Gems 
  • blast10k – Redeem this code to get Elite 2.0 Codes
  • release – Redeem this code to get 2 Red Lightning skins
  • 5000likes – Redeem this code to get 25,000 Coins
  • 15k1m – Redeem for a Rare case

That’s it for today guys. If you find some codes missing or expired, do let us know and share your feedback with us.

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