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Roblox Pop It Trading Active Codes Today (December 2022)

pop it trading

Roblox is known to make games for a while now and this time it’s no different. The game we are looking out for today is called Pop it Trading. It is a fun Roblox game in which players trade a variety of entertaining products in exchange for a large sum of money.

The more money players are able to farm, the higher they will be on the leaderboards. Hence to make sure that one’s score is the highest or among the top, Roblox was generous enough to come up with some codes which promise enough freebies for staying at the top!

Roblox games are well known for their generosity in giving out free gifts to users almost every month. This month is no different as players can make use of in-game codes to enjoy free rewards in the game. There are a lot of December special codes which you can use, hence stick around to know them all!

all active codes for pop it trading

Here are TONNES of codes that will ensure that your vision of reaching the top is fulfilled:

  • candy – candy item
  • fifi – fifa item
  • youspinme – flying bat
  • yodome – baby yoda
  • aredsword – free sword
  • daegg – alphabet egg
  • halloweenie – Halloween item
  • callmemabye – Antique phone item
  • lachancla – slapping sandals item
  • popit1year – cake item
  • knockknock – eie item
  • whaaaaaa – baby gato item
  • pepto – pink sauce item
  • lasagna – rainbow item
  • ****** – rainbow friend item
  • 1337 – random new item
  • throne – toilet item
  • madregate – mothergate item
  • m0dn4r – random new item
  • juego – controller item
  • baila – tix tox item
  • fotito – Instagram camera item
  • pajaro – twitter item
  • 100k – youtube item
  • gub – random reward
  • cute – baby long legs / bunzo bunny
  • Lightemup – flamethrower!
  • wth – monster item
  • pineapple – pineapple item
  • portal – portal item
  • farmer – magic seed item
  • r41nb0w – rainbow item
  • code – random reward
  • upupup – ladder item
  • 90sec – floppa item
  • noclip – backrooms item
  • naughtyyornice – tommeh train
  • trippy – illusion item
  • kitty – cat item
  • popit! – random reward
  • stuffi – random reward
  • armor? – watermelon
  • sugar – lollipop
  • cupid – V day reward
  • tako – slippy orange
  • no – slendy note
  • tony – tiger
  • loot – mystery box with random surprise
  • 2022 – sparkler
  • buff – barbell
  • ice – diamond
  • chance – 12-sided dice
  • sus – among us item
  • quidditch – fire extinguisher
  • crystal – crystal
pop it trading code redemption

how to redeem pop it trading codes

  • Open pop it trading game
  • Find the labeled colored black with ‘youtube codes’
  • Step on it
  • You will be sent to a new window where you can enter the codes given above
  • Don’t forget to click redeem and enjoy your reward!

Check out the game here

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