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Roblox Slayer Tycoon Working & Updated Codes December 2022

Roblox is known to make games for a while now and this time it’s no different. The game we are looking out for today is called the Roblox Slayer Tycoon. This title is a Roblox-based fan-made game that was made over a popular anime called ‘Demon Slayer’ but with tycoons of 2.

Players have the option to choose between being a slayer with sword style or a demon with demon art. The game contains many sword styles like the Katana, Flame, Water, Calm, Mist, Insect, Beast, Sun, and Thunder to name a few.

Roblox games are well known for their generosity in giving out free gifts to users almost every month. This month is no different as players can make use of in-game codes to enjoy free rewards in the game. There are a lot of December special codes which you can use, hence stick around to know them all!

Roblox slayer Working codes

Here is the code(s) for Roblox slayer tycoon for December 2022:

  • update1 – By redeeming this code the player will get 1000 yen instantly

Here are a few expired codes:

  • r222 – Get coins and Devil Fruits
  • gggg – Get coins and Devil Fruit

As of now, December has just begun and the codes currently active are given above, which is only one code at the moment. More codes will come soon and with the arrival of Christmas, it is safe to say that a lot more will come with pretty huge rewards and in-game benefits. We’ll keep them posted as they come so that you are always up to date.

How to redeem – Roblox slayer tycoon codes

Here is what you should follow to successfully redeem the codes for Roblox Slayer Tycoon:

  • Open Roblox Slayer tycoon on your Mobile or PC
  • Click on the Twitter button
  • Copy the code from our guide
  • Paste it in the ‘enter codes’ typing box or area
  • Press the redeem button and enjoy your reward!

If a code doesn’t work it’s possible due to the game crashing or freezing or just glitching out in terms of internet connection. Restart the game are you are good to go! However, if the code still faces an error, then possibly you must have typed it wrong as these codes are case sensitive down to a single character so only copy-paste the code for best results.

You may also consider checking the game for any updates as this will put you in a new server where the game build is up to the mark and the code will work too!

Check out the game here

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