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Roblox Sword Fighting Simulator Active Codes (December 2022)

Sword Fighters Simulator is an online multiplayer game available on Roblox. The game was developed by FullSprint Games and was released in September 2022. The game is open for all ages to play and you can create a private server for 50 Robux.

Sword Fighters Simulator (SFS for short) is similar to RPG games where you make runs to dungeons to fight, gain experience, earn money, and level up. Every time you swing your sword your attack power increases by a certain amount. In this game, a dungeon resets every 30 minutes. When a dungeon spawns, you will see a message on the screen that will alert you that a dungeon has opened. You can then enter the dungeon, and fight the monsters scattered in the dungeon to earn money and increase your attack power.

Sword fighters simulator codes fg1
Sword Fighters Simulator image via RafPlays

After you defeat the monsters you will be able to fight bosses that give great loots and relics that you can use as attachments to enhance your skills. You can grow faster with the help of codes that will give you certain rewards for free. Let’s take a look at the codes that are active now.

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Image via RafPlays

Sword fighters simulator codes

The following is a list of all the codes that are active as of December 2022

  • GETRICH – 10-minute Coin Boost
  • Dungeons – 10-minute Coin Boost
  • Spraden – 5-minute Coin Boost
  • Kolapo – 5-minute Coin Boost
  • STRONGEST – 10-minute Coin Boost
  • CELESTIAL – 10-minute Luck Boost
  • FeelingLucky – 10-minute Luck Boost

Coin boosts will increase the number of coins that monsters drop after getting defeated. You can use these coins to buy in-game items like weapons and pets. A luck boost will increase your chances of getting rarer loot from drops.

How to redeem the codes

To redeem the codes you simply need to follow these steps

  • Launch the game and open the shop menu from the left side of the screen
  • Click on the Codes tab from the right side of the menu
  • Click redeem and copy the codes from here and paste them into the text box
  • Hit enter and claim your rewards
Sword fighters simulator codes fg3

For now, these are the only active codes but as soon as the developers add more codes to the game, we will update this article. Visit for Roblox codes, gaming-related news, tips, tricks, and more.

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