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Tower Of Hell Working Codes (December 2022)


Tower of hell is a game on Roblox published by YXceptional studios. This is an online multiplayer adventure obby game.

The tower is hell is quite a popular game with around 25k active users. In Roblox Tower Of Hell, you have to get past the top of a tower that has 6 sections on each level in a time span of 8 minutes. A random tower will be generated with 6 sections from 320 available sections before a new round starts.

Tower of hell game img 1
Tower of hell image via YXceptional studios.

Players have to complete 6 levels in a time span of eight minutes in total. In the end, you will get an item that will be in the vault. Players have to crack the codes to open the vault. But, you don’t have to worry about that. We will give you the codes to open the vault and get the item. Here we go!

Tower of hell game visuals
Image via PinkLeaf youtube.

These are the codes that are currently active for the game –

  • DERHAUSAUFGABE: New stage code
  • 69420: Code for access to the first vault
  • 5164627: Code for access to the second vault
  • /freemember: 36 hours of Free membership, but only available from 06/13 to 06/14

How to redeem codes?

  • First, open the Chat (the second button at the upper left corner of the screen)
  • A new screen will be opened.
  • Type the codes into the blank area. 
  • Click on the “Enter” button to use codes.

Use the codes as they are without spaces or quotations or the codes won’t work. This game is very entertaining and extremely challenging but can get really annoying if it isn’t your day. An extremely ambitious game where you need to tackle the obstacles and make it to the top (literally).

Roblox has thousands of games listed for all ages and all types of gamers. If you want codes for other Roblox games, click here. Check out for gaming news, guides, tips and tricks.

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