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Welcome to Bloxburg Working & Updated Codes (November 2022)

Developed by @Coeptus for All Ages, Welcome to Bloxburg is a popular upcoming Role-Playing Game released way back on 4th November 2014. It is one of the oldest Roblox RPGs. Along with being rated for All Ages, it contains Violence in the (Mild/Infrequent) Range.

In this game, players build and design their own homes, drive cool vehicles, hang out with their friends, work in the city of Bloxburg, explore, and, roleplay! The game is currently in its 0.11.0 Version, and the Update log is provided here.

In this article, we will discuss the latest Working and Expired codes for Welcome to Bloxburg in Roblox. For more content regarding codes of various games including Roblox, visit our Codes Tab.

welcome to bloxburg2
Source: Roblox

Welcome to Bloxburg Codes (Working)

  • Currently, there are no working codes in Welcome to Bloxburg.

Welcome to Bloxburg Codes (Expired)

  • Currently, there are no expired codes in Welcome to Bloxburg.
welcome to bloxburg3
Source: Roblox

How to Redeem Codes

Currently, the code system is inactive in this game. Therefore, there is no method to redeem codes in Welcome to Bloxburg.

welcome to bloxburg4
Source: Roblox

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