CS:GO: 8 Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 (2022) Updated

Dust 2 is one of the oldest and the original maps when it comes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is the map that basically signifies CSGO. The game would never feel the same without Dust 2. Today, we’ve got the best grenade spots Dust 2 for you.

While Grenades aren’t the best utility in the game, they can still be used to kill a camping player in certain corners or force them to rotate and make themselves vulnerable. Here are the best Grenade Spots Dust 2:

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 – Attacker Side

A-Site Pit Grenade

Most of the grenades that’ll be mentioned in this article are going to be used to lower the health or kill a camper, including this one. If you’re rotating towards A-Site late game or if you got stalled at the double doors, there is a big chance that someone is camping in a corner in the pit. It’s hard to clear the pit because there could also be an AWPer at A-long or site. So, this grenade can lower the health or kill the camper and also make you aware of their location.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
A-Site Pit Grenade

A-Site Car Grenade

A-Site car is one of the most common and favorite places for the defenders to camp. This can be a really hard place to clear with guns because you’re also vulnerable from the bombsite, catwalk, and CT spawn. So, to easily displace the player camping at the car, one of the most efficient ways is to throw a grenade at them.

A-Site Car Grenade

Bombsite A Grenade

A-site contains a lot of small boxes where a person can crouch and camp. These angles can be cleared one by one at gunpoint but that leads to a 50-50 where both of you have an almost equal chance to win the duel. This grenade prevents that and gives you an upper edge over someone camping at A-site.

Bombsite A Grenade

B-Site Car Grenade

B-Car has a little corner that is probably even worse to clear out when compared to A-Car. It is in the complete opposite direction and even if you manage to kill the person camping there, you’ll definitely get traded from someone on Site or Middle doors. But this corner is very small and a grenade is much more effective here. So, to safely clear this angle, a toss of a grenade is considered the best.

B-Site Car Grenade

Bombsite B Grenade

Just like Bombsite A, B also has at least 3 little corners behind boxes where a player can crouch and camp. One grenade towards the middle of Bombsite B should help lower the HP or even potentially kill the camping player. It makes the process of clearing the site and to take control easily.

Bombsite B Grenade

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 – Defender Side

When it comes to grenades, there aren’t many best grenade spots dust 2 for defenders, but here are some of them that are really good if done correctly.

A-Site Double Doors Grenade

This is probably one of the best grenade spots dust 2, which isn’t used to kill or damage enemies specifically but to stall them. If you’re one of the people who love to push A-Long as a defender, this grenade can be thrown into the Double doors to stall attackers for a little bit. While a Molotov is better for this, grenades can do the job as well. This gives the defenders time to maybe get into the bit or the little corner above the pit and hold an angle, making it harder for Attackers to push A-Long.

A-Site Catwalk Grenade

Whenever there is any mention of best grenade spots dust 2, or smokes, or flashes, the catwalk is always mentioned. As for grenades, if one of your team members is near the mid-doors, they can provide you with information about an aggressive push-through catwalk. If so, this can be stalled with a grenade to provide some time for you to either leave the site and play retake or for your teammates to rotate to the site.

A-Site Catwalk Grenade

B-Site Tunnel

This is one of the simpler and lesser-used grenade spots because a Molotov would serve the purpose far better. But, in case you don’t have a Molotov, this can be considered one of the best grenade spots dust 2. Aggressive pushes through the tunnel with a bunch of flashes is very common and this grenade can stall the pushes and break the attackers’ momentum.

B-Site Tunnel Grenade

That will do for all the best grenade spots dust 2. Hope the article was helpful. There are many line-ups for the mentioned spots as well which can be perfected with practice and patience.

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