Best Discord Commands List for your Discord Server (2022)

Looking for some Best Discord Bots commands that you can actually use in your discord server without using any bot, well you are right, here in this post we are providing you guys some amazing, cool commands that you can use.

Discord is an amazing place, mostly for gamers or says anyone, when it comes to doing fun stuff, meeting, or chilling in the communities, with the availability of sharing memes, gifs, and even emojis.

However, there is a paid feature in the Discord, which is discord nitro, which is not yet necessary for normal usage, but if you want to get it, you need to pay for that, which I think is not particularly important.

What are Discord Commands & How to Use them?

Discord Commands are short and quick commands, which you can use inside any discord server which can do small tasks like – sending gifs, emoticons, spoilers, text formatting, and many others.

If you know these codes, you can directly type the commands followed by a / slash sign (not necessary) then press the tab button for further inline command-like messages then complete by pressing Enter Button or Send directly.

Some Best Discord Commands List

Here are some Best Discord Commands lists, which are all unique in their working and can be used without any bots, and are easy-to-use commands.

Tableflip & Shrug Command

Tableflip is a funny command, which basically shows a symbol emoji of a person throwing a table. Add a text then use this command to make it more interesting. Type /tableflip tab message then Enter.

The same works with Shrug Command, but you will see a different emoticon this time. Type /shrug space message then Enter to see the final message.

tableflip discord command

Text to Speech

This Text to Speech command is actually just for fun purposes, text to speech command will allow converting your text to a speech by a loud bot voice. Type /tts tab message then Enter to hear a sound.

tts message command

Spolier Free

Spoiler Free Command comes very handily if you want to send a message which might be any spoiler to someone, but you want it to hide it for the first time with a black bar. Type /spoiler tab message then Enter.

spoiler command discord

Quick GIF Search

Want to send GIFs into the discord channel, well you can send it directly here by using a short command which is Giphy. Type /giphy tab Query that you want to search the GIFs for then Press Enter.

giphy command discord

SED Command

The SED Command is very much useful if you had just made a message but want to edit that message or replace some text with other text that will auto-update into the old one. Type s/old text/new text then Press Enter.

sed command discord

Nickname Change

The Last Useful command here we have is the Nickname change command, you can easily change your server nickname with the nick command. Type /nick tab new_nick: newnickname then Enter.

nickname change discord command

These were some cool and useful discord server commands, that you can use just for learning purposes and trolling your friends, Note that these commands have nothing to do with any bots in the discord server.

If you are new to Discord, you can also download some bots like – MEE6, Dyno bot, Probot, and others which are super user-friendly and will enhance your Discord server by using all the functions which are available inside the bots easily.

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