Top Best Discord Music Bot Working in 2022 After Ban (10+)

In this guide, we will talk about the 13 best discord music bots that still work in 2022 that are not banned by YouTube. These are high-quality music streaming bots and you can use these bots for multipurpose like gaming, chatting, or listening to your favorite playlists.

Discord is commonly accepted by users to communicate with text messages, voice calls, video calls while listening to music or playing games. It can run on many devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, and web browsers as well.

What are Discord music bots?

Discord is a VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol). The main objective behind the building of discord is to create and manage public and private communities.

As of 2021, the service has reached above 350 million registered users, and more than 150 million are monthly active users, which makes discord music bots more trustworthy and more reliable.

How do Discord music bots work?

Discord music bots are designed to work according to your needs and wants. You can use these music bots while you are texting in a group or in-person, playing games with your friends, or want to hear add free music it’s all up to you.

Along with that, you can make your playlists according to your choices. Also, you can pause it anytime or play accordingly. It has all features just like any other music apps that you listen to.

Best 13 Discord music bots that still works in 2022

Here are the best discord music bots which can replace the music apps like Spotify, Youtube and you can even use these bots to make your playlist to be played 24/7: –


It allows you to play smooth and fast high-quality music while providing administrative and recreational features.

It is the most diverse discord music bot with not only music but many more features as well.

It also provides amazing auto-moderation to keep your server safe from trolls, toxicity, and abusive language by auto muting, banning, or kicking people according to your specific instructions.

Fred Boat

It has a built-in search system and instead of using a youtube link to play something you search it up directly from discord.

It is more like a Spotify inside discord also, it can play from YouTube, Spotify, and even from twitch.

It allows you to create your very own playlist along with that you can also stream live streams from YouTube and twitch.


Hydra is quite an impressive bot and multifaceted in use. It is self-proclaimed as “the perfect discord bot.”

Also, there are customized actions in the extensive web dashboard, a command list rich with features, and a unique song request channel.


Just like Mee6, Vexera is also a multi-purpose service and offers a wide range of commands that can be triggered through Discord like skipping, starting, and stopping tunes.


Octave was previously known as Gnar. It provides music streaming without lagging from all major sources being Youtube, SoundCloud, Mixer, or Spotify.

It also allows you to assign different roles to different users to make it easier for you to organize and grant different access roles to different users.


This one was inspired by the Adventure Time Character BMO. This music bot is fun to use and also provides the functionality of a high-level bot.

According to my, it’s the best bot to liven up your server especially if it has a general chat room. Along with that, it offers high-quality video streaming.


24/7 provides high-quality music streaming from major websites like Youtube, Spotify, and Mixer. Also, it allows streaming any radio station around the world. Once you start using this bot you will be addicted to its features.


Probot is good for many things like you can use it for using commands, for welcoming moderation, and music as well. It includes an anti raid protection feature which can be useful. This bot also provides high-quality music streaming.

Lofi Radio

Lofi Radio is another music bot that can be used to listen to music. The best thing about this bot is that it will be active in your server until you tell it to stop. It provides high-quality audio without any lag.


JMusicBot is user-friendly as it offers quick song loading, smooth playback, a clean interface, playlist support, and lots of features. You also can make a set-up in it and run it accordingly.


You must be aware of Spotify, Botify is like just another platform to play Spotify music. Botify can play racks from Soundcloud and Twitch as well. It is completely free and has simple player commands.


If you like Lofi music then Discord Chillbot is for you. It offers 99% uptime with which you can feel relaxed and have fun with your friends. The bot live streams chill lofi beats to your discord server. Perfect for relaxing and chilling with your friends.

Chip Bot

To get high-quality music you must use Chip Bot. It offers a lot of controls that can be used for the best experience.

Along with that, it provides 24/7 uptime for you and your friends with high-quality audio and a range of controls that span from Chip’s prefix to the equalizer putting you truly in control of your music.

Benefits of using Discord music bots

Discord music bots make it easier for you to create an engaged community. You can easily build a community on Discord.

You can use these bots to add music, memes, games, and many other contents to your server.

Discord offers a wide variety of music bots for you and your friends and you can choose these bots according to your needs.

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