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Best Class To Choose In Elden Ring Beginner Guide

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game from FromSoftware, which will be released by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Elden Ring is set in the Lands Between, sometime after the destruction of the titular Elden Ring and the dispersal of its fragments, the Great Runes.

In this guide, we will break down features of each class/ character in Elden Ring and help you decide which one is the best class to choose as a beginner and which will help make the game a little easy.

Best Class To Choose In Elden Ring Beginner Guide

Elden Ring Warrior Guide

This character starts with two scimitars, this makes this character a dual wielding class, and you can attack with one scimitar by using r1, or you can attack with both at the same time using l1.


The default skill on them is actually called storm blade, which shoots a projectile in air, slashing the enemies that comes in its contact. This character lacks range attack, so this ability is best suited for him.

You can improve the ranged attack of this character by getting a bow afterwards. Because of the high dexterity, a bow works really well in this class. With a combination of storm blade and bow, you can counter several enemies coming towards you.

Adding leather shield to it greatly improves its physical damage resistance somewhere around 95 which is less than that of Enchanted Knight but is very useful for this class to have better shield protection.


The downside to this class is that because you’re using dual weapons you have no way to parry or block attacks, so you’re really relying on dodge and ranging things down either with storm blade or with using a bow.

With this character you have to be careful as you can not engage in direct combat. Focusing on stealth based gameplay is preferred. Though, this may depend on the types of enemy you are facing.

Elden Ring Enchanted Knight Guide

The enchanted knight is a type of mage class. It is the only class that begins the game with a staff. With this staff you can do various types of sorcery. With strength now affects equip load, so you can call it a tank class too. Its mage magic is super strong.


The enchanted knight has the highest intelligence of any class. It has very good strength, so it’s very good with melee weapons as well, and it can use heavier armor. This class has an excellent shield. The Shield has 100 percent physical damage reduction when you block.

Thus, you can play a mix of both mage and tank character using enchanted knight. You can use weapon upgrades to make your weapon into like a magic variant that scales off strength and intelligence in order to deal more damage


You can have a little of difficulty while facing a group of enemies together and also when you are on a horse, group of enemies may cause a problem. Other than that, this class is excellent when you compare to its advantages.

Elden Ring Prophet Guide

The prophet this is a faith-based class, meaning that they’re going to use incantations (verbal charms). They have both defensive and offensive abilities that are very useful in the game.


The prophet comes with perhaps one of the strongest bells in the game. The incantation is called beast claw and it kind of you know sends out a claw from the ground towards the enemy. This can hit multiple targets in the range.

It’s very strong against bosses. Prophets have the highest Mind of any Class. With high FP you can cast large number of spells. With the right use of ash of war, you can increase the melee damage.


Beast claw can not be used in water, and it has some kind of delay when using it. So time it perfectly before using it, otherwise your enemy will easily hit you before you even land your shot on him.

Best Class To Choose In Elden Ring Beginner Guide

Elden Ring Champion Guide

Champion is another faith-based class that uses incantations, and it actually has a unique one. Same as Prophet, the incantations can be offensive and defensive. It is much more preferred than Prophet is you upgrade it.


Incantations of this class is dragon fire a giant head of a dragon kind of pops up from you and breathes fire in a huge cone in front of you. You can defeat a group of enemies easily with this, and it is also effective against bosses.

You can even use this on a horse back. You can hold down the cast button to keep through continuous fire. The Scared seal allows them to use incantations effectively, by having better faith.


Initially, it has a lower mind. So increasing it is suggested. If your mind is low, you would not be able to use the dragon fire for long time. So increase your faith so that you will be able to use it for longer duration.

Elden Ring Bloody Wolf Guide

This class somewhat looks similar to what players have seen in dark souls. It is a pure warrior class. If you want a class with good damage, then this class is best suited for you so that you can engage in direct fight.


High Strength allows the Bloody Wolf to use a Great sword and Heavy Armor and still have medium Equip Load. If you increase your strength, you will be able to use more heavy weapons and items effectively.

The Crucible Armor Set is a nice upgrade for the Bloody Wolf, providing more protection than the Bloody Wolf Set. Ordovis’ Greatsword works great for this Class, and it deals more damage than the Bastard Sword.


Mounted combat is not suited for a melee character like Bloody Wolf, and magic is also not there for this character. So you have to dependent on your skills more rather than other aspects of the game.

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