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Elden Ring DLC: What You Should Know

Elden Ring took the dark fantasy action RPG industry by storm since its release early this year. This game successfully broke the momentum created by other dark fantasy RPGs and gave people something different.

The game features a creepy yet aesthetically pleasing open-world gaming atmosphere that will leave you glued to the screen till the end. It’s no surprise that it sold over 12 million units worldwide within just two weeks after its release.

So, should we expect additional content in Elden Ring? FromSoftware has a great reputation for adding exceptional DLC to its games, such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and Elden Ring is no exception.

With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about the much anticipated Elden Ring DLC.

Will There Be a DLC for Elden Ring?

As we mentioned earlier, DLC is most likely to have an additional DLC since most games developed by FromSoftware have had DLCs. However, there hasn’t been any official communication from the company if there’s a DLC in the making.

But again, judging by a recent official press release by the company’s CEO Yasuo Miyakawa, the idea of having a DLC for Elden Ring is definitely on the table. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“Much effort was placed into creating “ELDEN RING” so that we could exceed the expectations of our fans worldwide. In like manner, we will continue our efforts in expanding the brand beyond the game itself, and into everyone’s daily life.”

Judging by this, it is evident that FromSoftware plans to expand this game. However, the CEO’s statement that they plan to expand the brand “beyond the game itself” could mean many things. But then, another part of the press release may have clarified things in regards to expecting a DLC for this game:

“Please look forward to more of “ELDEN RING” as an IP (characters and other intellectual property) in hopes of expanding beyond the realm of games.”

Apart from the press release, FromSoftware has been making constant changes and updates to the game, meaning it is still being worked on, and we may get additional content soon.

When Is the Release Date for This DLC?

Again, there has been no official communication regarding when exactly a DLC for Elden Ring will be released. However, judging by when FromSoftware released DLCs for its other games, we can have a hint on when to expect one for Elden Ring.

Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss DLC was released 11 months after the original game’s release. However, it was initially released as part of the “Prepare to Die” edition, and it took another two months for the DLC to be available on its own.

Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King DLC was released after the original game’s release, while Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC was released about seven months after the original game was launched. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC was launched eight months after the original game’s release.

Judging by the time it took to release these games’ DLCs, we will most likely get a DLC for Elden Ring (or at least hear about it) this year.

What Should People Expect In the Elden Ring DLC?

While we may not know what FromSoftware will include in Elden Ring’s DLC, there are many hints based on the company’s previous games’ DLCs.

FromSoftware has been known to focus its game’s DLC on time travel, either going back or forward in time to experience significant events in the game.

For instance, in Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC, players explore the nightmares of the old hunters who used to guard the secrets of Yharnam before arriving at the original game’s narrative. What’s more, in Elden Ring, the Dragonlord Placidusax fight allows players to travel back in time. So, the company may focus this game’s DLC on time travel.

Here are other areas FromSoftware may also focus on in Elden Ring’s DLC.

Completing the Narrative About Miquella

This is perhaps the most expected content to be included or rather expanded on in Elden Ring’s DLC.

Miquella, an Empyrean, a demigod, and the twin brother of Malenia the Severed, is one of the most influential characters in this game’s story. This is mainly due to its huge antagonistic personality towards the influence of other gods.

While there’s an extensive story about Miquella in the game, players don’t get to see him properly. All we see is his arm draping out of the egg-like cocoon he is sleeping in. At one point in the game, Ofnir suggests that it is better if Miquella stays asleep. 

So, it would be a good idea for the developers to expound on this influential demigod. They could show more of him, or better still, show what will happen when he wakes up.

Show What Is Behind That Cloud Between the Divine Towers

The Divine Towers play a significant role in the game. They are used to restore Great Runes(except Liurnia) and other special items players gain by participating in activities like killing major bosses until they bring them to their corresponding towers. Although, you could obtain these special Elden Ring items easily by purchasing them from trustworthy third-party vendors like MMOGah.

If you discover all of these towers’ locations, you’ll notice that they converge at a section of an inaccessible ocean obscured by a cloud. Well, it would be great if the DLC would reveal what’s behind that cloud, right?

Show the Rise of Queen Marika the Eternal And the Lands Between

The goddess Marika initially came from the lands of Numen. She is an Empyrean who rules the Lands Between, assisted by the Greater Will, who is an Outer God.

It would be best if FromSoftware would take players back in time to when the Lands Between were being formed. This will be an excellent opportunity to explore the newer version of the Lands Between and see the journey of how Marika, his consort Godfrey, and other essential characters within that set came into existence.

It Would Be Great to Have More Katanas

Elden Ring Best Katanas For Samurai Build Where to

Katanas are a type of weapon in Elden Ring that can inflict thrust and slash attacks, causing the hemorrhage effect on enemies. 

While Katanas aren’t the most powerful, damaging weapons in Elden Ring, they can cause significant damage and be highly useful in tough situations.

Elden Ring currently has only eight Katanas, so adding more of them in the DLC would be great.

Expound More On the Night of the Black Knives And the Shattering

These are two different events in the game but are very much linked together. The Night of the Black Knives was the fateful night when several assassins snuck into Lands Between and killed a couple of demigods, including goddess Marika’s son Godwyn.

This unfortunate event led to a war known as the Shattering, where the surviving gods fought over who was fit to rule Lands Between.

Since these two events are a major part of Elden Ring’s story, it would be best if FromSoftware expounded more on them. For instance, why did the assassins sneak into Lands Between and kill these demigods?


FromSoftware hasn’t created a game as big as Elden Ring, so the possibility of it making a DLC is quite high. We only hope the DLC won’t have major technical issues, such as PC performance problems like the original game had.

Otherwise, we are confident that FromSoftware will develop an epic DLC to match(or maybe even exceed) the original game’s standards.

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