RPCS3 Emulator: How to Play The Last of Us on PC (60 FPS)

If you are looking for a simple and easy guide that can help you play Last of Us on PC with the help of RPCS3 Emulator at 60 FPS then you are at the right place, Simply follow the guide given below to start playing the game.

The Last of Us is one of the best story-driven games out there, initially released on the PS3, then remastered for PS4. To many PC gamers’ disappointment, the game is a Sony Playstation exclusive, meaning it will not be released to any other platform.

But thanks to the RPCS3 Playstation emulator which is available on windows, many players have found ways to play this masterpiece without owning a Playstation.

How to Play The Last of Us on PS3 Emulator

Follow the settings given below for the last of us on ps3 emulator, So that you can play the game at 60 FPS.

Installing RPCS3 Emulator

To be able to play The Last of Us on PC, you need to download a couple of files.

  • RPCS3 – PS3 Emulator (Latest) : From HERE
  • PS3 Firmware (Latest “PS3UPDAT.PUP”) : From HERE

Once you have downloaded these, you can extract them to your desired folder. Then run the emulator from rpcs3.exe and then navigate to ‘FILE‘ -> ‘INSTALL FIRMWARE‘. Now you need to locate the .PUP file you downloaded in your firmware folder. Once you do that, click ok and installation should then begin.

play last of us on pc emulator

Downloading & Installing the Last of Us

To install the game you need to insert your CD or mount a virtual disk with the game on it. Now, click on the Disk icon under ‘FILE’, and locate your game folder. Once you select the correct folder, RPCS3 should then start preparing to launch the game. This part takes a while so be patient.

Keep in mind that we donot promote rom links or any kind of illegal behaviour. This article is for educational purposes only.

Best RPCS3 Settings for 60 FPS

play last of us on rpcs3

Since you’re playing on a PC, you have a benefit that even PS players don’t: Increased frame rates. If configured properly, and if your PC is strong enough, you should be able to play Last of Us in up to 60fps. To do the configurations follow these steps.

  2. Next, open the ‘GPU‘ tab, where you will find ‘RENDERER‘ . We recommend using the Vulcan renderer if you prefer performance, over OpenGL. So you can change this setting from OpenGL to Vulcan by selecting it from the drop down.
  3. Locate ‘FRAMELIMIT‘ under ‘GPU‘ tab, and from the drop down, select ‘OFF‘ to disable the framerate lock.
  4. If you’re still not getting smooth fps, you can try changing the ‘DEFAULT RESOLUTION‘ to your a lower option.
  5. Once done, do not forget to click save before closing the settings.

So that is all you need to do to play this masterpiece of a game on PC with up to 60fps. Remember to connect an RPCS3 supported controller and enjoy this game.

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