All Details You Missed in Resident Evil 4 Remake (Trailer Breakdown)

In the recent PlayStation State of Play event, CAPCOM revealed the widely anticipated remake of resident evil 4. Its trailer features a few characters from the original game, including the major boss Sadler. It’s very evident from the trailer that the game’s ambience will be gloomy. But apart from the characters and environments, there are lots of elements hidden in the teaser.

The trailer portrays Leon S. Kennedy, the protagonist of Resident Evil 4, being dispatched and sent on a mission to find the president’s daughter, Ashley, who has gone missing in Europe. During his hunt, Leon finds himself in a perilous community full of strange people infected with Las Plagas. Leon will find himself in conflict with these locals and their leaders.

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In the brief 2:23 minute trailer, there are a lot of easter eggs and lore details hidden which you may have missed out within the blink of an eye. So here are all of those listed and explained in detail.

Chief Mendez

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Players will once again face Chief Mendez in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Mendez from the original Resident Evil 4 was big, muscular, and scary, and the re-designed Mendez is equally intimidating. Mendez possesses incredible endurance and power.

His altered form grants him increased agility, razor-sharp talons, and more limbs. Mendez was the Village Chief for El Pueblo and a former Christian father who was one of the Dominant Species Plaga bearers before becoming a priest who represented Los Illuminados to his Villagers.

Bitores Mendez Teaches You the Politics of Pain in ‘Resident Evil 4

When Leon first sees chief Mendez, he is unable to overpower the gigantic elderly man and gets knocked out. Later, Mendez attempts to strangle Leon but changes his mind after learning that Leon has become the host of a Las Plagas parasite.

Del Lago lake

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Apart from other locations, the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer also showcases a boat on a lake that will instantly remind fans of Leon’s fight with Del Lago. Saddler summons the monster to keep intruders from entering the lake.

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Del Lago, a salamander that became host to a parasite, was one of Los Iluminados’ earliest Plaga experiments. The creature mutated in response to its tiny host, greatly expanding in size. This was fueled by the dumping of bodies, and Leon witnesses the same when two ganados drop a police officer’s body in the lake.

Los Illumnados members

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Los Illumnados is the most dangerous cult in Resident Evil 4. The origins of Los Iluminados can be traced back to Osmund Saddler, who became informed of the Plagas in unknown ways in the 1990s.

The trailer also showed a small portion of Los Illumnados members. The religion was founded in the 18th century and worshipped Las Plagas, a parasitic entity that had the ability to govern its hosts. However, the Salazar family’s first castellan prohibited the Los Iluminados’ faith, confining the Las Plagas to a labyrinth of caverns beneath his castle.


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A brief second of the trailer even features Ada Wong and her 1st encounter with Leon after her presumed death in Resident Evil 2. In this game, she assists Leon in his mission to rescue the U.S. president’s daughter Ashley Graham from the sinister cult Los Iluminados that is based in a remote area of Spain.

However, her true objective is to obtain a sample of the dominant species of Plaga parasite developed by the cult. She reports to the villain Albert Wesker who is now in a high position within the rival company. 

Ada is dispatched for this mission alongside Jack Krauser who distrusts her and believes she is a threat to Wesker. She enlists the help of the researcher Luis Sera who manages to steal a sample but is then killed by the cult’s leader Osmund Saddler.


Ada is briefly captured and planned to be sacrificed but manages to escape. After meeting Leon, she saves him from Krauser who was ordered by Wesker to eliminate Leon. Ada destroys the cult’s battleship and the Plagas-mutated Krauser and aids Leon in various ways.

Eventually, she is taken hostage by Saddler, who uses her as bait to trap Leon. Leon, however, is able to free her, and Ada provides him with a special rocket launcher to destroy a mutated Saddler before escaping with a sample via helicopter.

Osmund Saddler

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The main boss of the original game also appears in the teaser. Los Iluminados, a cult and paramilitary organization, was led by Osmund Saddler, also known as Lord Saddler. He was a bio-weapons researcher who lived in a remote part of Spain.

Saddler’s leadership cemented the cult’s supremacy in the region in the early 2000s by weaponizing mind-controlling Plaga parasites to fit his aspirations for global dominion. It’s unclear how Saddler uncovered the presence of Las Plagas, the mind-controlling animal species.

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Saddler arrived in the early 2000s with the goal of acquiring the Plagas in order to establish financial and military clout on an international scale. According to local legend, the Plagas were concealed beneath the First Castellan’s new castle in old ruins.

Luis Sera

Luis Sera also appears in the teaser along with his signature Red 9mm gun. Luis Sera is one of the most famous and mysterious characters in the franchise. Fans of the original game loved his personality. Dr. Luis Sera was a scientist from a remote part of Spain.

He was hired into Los Iluminados’ research group to biologically construct Plagas and bio-weapons, but he was slain in an attempt to derail their plans. Dr. Sera oversaw the Plagas’ genetic alterations in an island laboratory, with the goal of making them more difficult to defeat. Numerous mutation impacts that one or more Plagas may have on hosts were examined during Dr. Sera’s study, culminating in the El Gigante and Regenerador.

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These are all the things that can be spotted after keen observation and breakdown of the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer. So what do you think of them? Be sure to let us know.

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