Gundam Evolution, are Cheats and Hackers ruining the game?

Gundam Evolution release launched just a few hours before writing this article and fans are excited more than ever to try out the new mobile units and dash through the enemy points. The question which still remains is the ever-increasing nuisance of cheaters and hackers.

It is quite unfortunate, but today’s First-Person Online Multiplayers are ridden by Hackers and Cheats to the core. So much so that reports of illegitimate play have surfaced in Competitive Gaming as well. Game publishers seem to adopt a zero-tolerance approach towards cheaters however no update or security patches seem to work for any considerate amount of time.

Should we expect Hackers?

We can well expect Cheaters and Hackers to come out and ruin the sessions for everybody with their wall hacks, aimbots, spinbots, lag switches, and all horrors possibly expected in any fps game. The game also has new-gen mechanics which can be exploited by Hackers. Even the fast-paced setting may not ideally work against an aimbot.

So yes, we might expect hordes of hackers on day one but should Bandai choose to look at it, things will just get easier and better for all. There could also be cheaters playing well outside the designated server regions, to abuse latency. Since the license to many manga-based games is rarely made available in the Europe & North American regions.

Gundam units

Will it get better with updates?

This also eventually leads to major AAA titles getting overpriced for filtering waves of hackers and letting only real players who genuinely want to join have a go at the game. Even with anti-cheat systems in place at times it even gets impossible to fix this and leading to the company losing this everlasting battle against cheaters.

Security patches just get overridden or bypassed over time thus making it difficult to implement a firm solution to ban or take any serious action. This has also affected the professional gaming community as some of the famous pro gamers have decided to leave the fps scene.

With this dreadful scenario of multiplayer modes, players are opting to enjoy more single-player plots and gameplays than ever. As the story modes with top-notch game mechanics and longer completion time seem to give more value for money over frustration caused by hackers.

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