People using Valorant skin changer hack & not buying skins

Just like any BR game, Valorant is no different. From character customization to different gun skins, this game has it all. With its diverse collection of weapon skins, it is natural for seasoned players to get a shot at them without needing to spend a single cent.

These skins can be traditionally bought from the store with Valorant Points and can be upgraded using Radianite points to further enhance the appearance.

The main source which they are locked behind is the battle pass which costs real money, and not everyone wants to spend real money. There are over 500 different weapon skins behind the paywall which can be easily obtained using the following hack.

About the Hack

For players like these, there is a special hack called ‘Valorant Skin Changer’ which basically unlocks all the stunning weapon skins present in the game on the go for free by adding all the skins in the game to your inventory, thus giving a large number of options to choose from. This feature can be self-coded and therefore some coding and computer knowledge is required.

As much as it sounds cool, it is to be kept in mind that this software is client sided only, which means only the player itself can see these changes and not others within the same multiplayer lobby, plus the graphics on the scope, animation, and other effects will remain to the default settings.

How to get your own Skins

Weapon Skins Valorant 1

The download process is straight forward too which includes extracting the zip file on the desktop and installing an injector mentioned in the same download link from where you got the zip file for the hack to work.

Afterwards, it only requires the DLL file to be renamed to SkinChanger.dll and then all is good to go. The player must make sure to save the above file in the game’s directory else it will not work. Another way is to open the cmd prompt and run the following cheat code –

sigthief.py -i stub.dll -t Cheat.dll -o CompPkgSup.dll

Either way, it will still work and players can use all the skins for free to their heart’s content without others noticing.

The only other thing to keep in mind is that Valorant does not load the weapon skins if you and any other player in the battleground do not own the same skin that you desire.

In that case, one must force load it by using an unreal engine function called ‘StaticLoadObject’ and then apply it by calling the ‘Updatemech’ or ‘Updatematerial’ function in the source code.

The unreal engine code consists of something called ‘unreal blueprints’ which are an asset that allows content creators to easily add functionality on top of the existing gameplay classes. Follow the link given to learn more –


These help with the customization with virtually no limit other than being your creativity.


This method sure is a creative way to bypass the in-app purchases but we all must keep in mind that paying for those skins is still the ethical option to go as they take hundreds of man-hours to create and it is only fair to contribute our bit whenever necessary for the overall development of the game.

With that said, enjoy the mod fellas!..

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