Resident Evil 4 REMAKE Crack status? Will it get cracked!?

The Resident Evil 4 Remake has now been confirmed to launch on multiple Platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC with the estimated date of launch to be around March 2023.

As for the original storyline, it’s the same classic plot from 2005 mashed into an even more immersive graphical leap to really push the boundaries.

Six years after the events of the famous Raccoon City, the umbrella organization has gone bankrupt while Leon Kennedy who is now a federal agent is sent to a remote rural part of Spain for carrying out the rescue of the US president’s Kidnapped daughter from a sinister cult.

In doing so he stumbles upon something similar to what he encountered back in Raccoon City and things take an ugly and sinister turn then onwards.

Follow here for full story info for RE 4. https://www.residentevil.com/re4/en-asia/

Cracked Version for the resident evil 4 remake?

A crack version is what most of us want, so as to enjoy the game in its full glory without needing to spend a lot of real money.

As for that, the game is soon to release on 2023 March and there are already some reports of a possible cracked version coming soon, but these can merely be fan-made remakes of some parts of the original game itself.

One source such source claims to have a ready cracked version and even has a download link.

Since the real remake hasn’t been released yet, we still have to take this with a pinch of salt and just wait it out for the modders out there to do their magic.

Another source has also had a good track record of having a working cracked version of the original resident evil 4. there are many guides and links on youtube as well that claim to sell the real deal for free.

These are just two which are mentioned, but there are many more just a google search away that claim to provide the full resident evil 4 cracked version to all users for free.

For a game this successful, it is natural for soo many modders to take part and sells their skills for free in form of mods that benefit the gaming community as well as themselves too. This is because the number of free downloads for them matters as it earns them money from the google algorithm.

Seeing such a good number, it sure is promising to think about the possibility of a cracked version of the remake sometime in the future

End Hypothesis

Resident Evil 4 Remake 1

Keeping in mind the previous track record of the resident evil series and owing to the success of resident evil part 4, it is safe to say that a crack version is a strong possibility a year from now.

This is because a cracked version needs a key that overrides the original license and also the presence of other users playing the game at the time you are playing too, to facilitate a faster download.

Plus the modding community for the resident evil series is so huge and counting in the millions of gamers and fans across the world, this sure seems a win-win situation and an added motivation for third-party modders to score us a cracked version!

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