Sonic Frontiers 2022: Crack Status? Is it Cracked?

Sonic Frontiers is an upcoming game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega and is set to release on 8th Nov 2022.

It is a 3D platformer and action-adventure game where the player will play as Sonic and explore the island of Starfall which comprises various biomes including flowery fields, forests, ancient ruins, and deserts.

It is a story-driven game that begins when Sonic, Miles “Tails” Power, Knuckles the Echidna, and Amy Rose are sucked through a mysterious wormhole, and Sonic is lost in the process on a mysterious island, separated from his three partners.

As the player progresses, an AI guide will help the player to get familiarised with the gaming mechanics as well as help them collect the chaos emeralds and find sonic’s friends.

The players who are familiar with the title might know that this game is based on the previous Sonic the hedgehog games. Hence, Sonic retains his abilities like running at high speeds, collecting rings, grinding on rails, and homes in on enemies to attack.

As for the movements, the player can double jump, sidestep, drop dash and boost with the right trigger if they have sufficient energy.

Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Frontiers

Crack status

Sonic Frontiers is going to be equipped with software called ‘denuvo’. This is a type of software that is anti-tamper in nature and is a technology developed by Digital Rights Management.

The games protected by denuvo require online activation as the software assigns a unique authentication token to each copy of the game, depending on factors like the user’s hardware.

This makes it extremely hard to crack the game by breaking its code to cheat or use any unfair means.

It is strongly believed that Sonic Frontiers will be under the protection of denuvo software so its cracked version may take longer than usual to be available

Plus the game isn’t released yet and the addition of denuvo is not 100 per cent true so we all have to take this news with a pinch of salt.

Keeping in mind the previous track record of Sonic game titles, it is safe to say that a cracked version is pretty much still possible with a bit of an extensive fan-based modding community and more importantly, patience.

Ethically speaking, the use of any unfair methods to secure a cracked version is not exactly legal in all countries and may lead to being banned from the game and its community altogether, so try this at your own risk.

With that said, waiting is all that can be done as of now, and keep checking the sites you know which may give out its cracked version soon after release.

Check out more about the game – https://frontiers.sonicthehedgehog.com

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