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Fix Warfare 2 Error Code 0x887a0005 & 0xC0000005(N) (4 Ways)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 0xC0000005N

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released a day back and like many newly released titles, there is always a chance of bugs and errors creeping up to the players due to the infancy of the game. The same happened when out of the blue two error codes – 0x887a0005 and 0xC0000005(N) popped up for a lot of players eagerly wanting the experiencing the gameplay.

The issue seems to be related to some driver bug, but for now, let’s dive deep into what might be going wrong and ways to rectify it.

Here are the following possible ways that can be implemented to fix the above error codes popping in Warfare 2

call of duty mw2

Method 1

Updating your drivers and operating system can cause a variety of issues and is one of the first points to check when a game is malfunctioning like this. By going to the Nvidia driver settings, the driver can be checked for the latest updates. Then restart your PC for the new update to come into action

Method 2

Disable on command texture Streaming; Launch Warfare 2 – goto options – graphics tab – quality tab – scroll all the way down to find On demand texture Streaming and turn it off and finally don’t forget to apply the changed settings

call of duty modern warfare II33332323

Method 3

This may sound off the radar but, stop overclocking your GPU. Yes, it makes your system extremely powerful but also adds up to the added instability as not all inbuilt drivers are supported to handle the overclocked GPU. If your GPU is overclocked by default then skip this method as it will work just fine.

Method 4

Play the game on full screen and change the graphic qualities. To do this, change the display mode in the settings to fullscreen. If the problem still exists, then try tweaking the graphic settings to a lower level.

Still, ensure that your PC isn’t overheating after all this and you’re good to go as overheating seems to be the major problem for many users too.

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