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COD Warzone 2 Proximity Chat Not Working FIX

After a much-awaited release, call of duty warzone 2 is finally up and running. But not all is smooth as it is with most other games that are new releases, bugs and glitches are always a part of this process and the same is the case with warzone 2. The game has been experiencing an issue relating to proximity chat not working which is bothering fans a lot.

Proximity chat is a new feature in the game that allows players to hear the chat of other nearby players which applies to enemies as well, making the game much more interesting and thrilling. This feature by default gets enabled while you are downloading the game, meaning players don’t have to spend time tweaking any settings.

Using the proximity chat is pretty simple too. Just open the settings by pressing the gear icon in the top right corner and go to the audio tab and scroll down to the voice chat section where you will see the voice chat and proximity chat options which can be enabled manually too.

how to fix the proximity error: Cod warzone 2

Warzone 2 Proximity Chat

First and foremost, the user must make sure that the error is not on their end, and do so, go to the setting to check for the proximity chat:

  • Make your way to the settings menu in CoD warzone 2 and check on the audio tab.
  • Once there, scroll down and find an option called the Voice chat section.
  • Make your way to the proximity chat option and turn it on.
  • Also, check for the all-lobby option in the voice chat to make it possible for you to hear other players in your vicinity.
  • If this basic checking and testing don’t work then try not joining parties.
  • make sure you haven’t joined any party including Discord or Xbox party if you are using the following console (PS5, PS4, or Xbox).
  • See if the in-game voice chat option is enabled or not grey coloured, as without this feature on, the proximity chat is of no use and it won’t work.

what to do if nothing works

warzone 2 support

If nothing works then don’t worry, as now you have tested your own rig and the problem seems to be a bigger deal than imagined as millions of players are facing the same. With that said, it is always recommended to head over to Game support and give them some working evidence for them to really figure out the error so that they can roll out the fix in time with a patch.

Follow this link to reach Activision support

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