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Evil West All Errors Fix & Lag Fix

Evil West is an upcoming third-person shooter game developed by Flying Wild Dog and published by Focus Entertainment. This game is set to release officially on 22nd November 22 for Windows, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S.

For a new release like this, we all know that a new title like this may have potential bugs and glitches, and the most common ones are related to errors, lag, and crash issues.

Problems like evil went not stating or not installing or lack of sound or graphic glitches can be solved beforehand by the user itself. Here are some tips to make sure your system is up and ready to rock the Evil West game!

top 4 Potential problems and their fix

updating your graphics drivers

Most of the time, it’s the user’s end that needs fixing which causes an error. problems like incompatible drivers or screen hanging or error messages are signs that you have to install proper graphics drivers specifically meant for the game for the best experience in hand. Go to Your graphics control panel and install the latest drivers for your device. Avoid using the beta version as that also leads to error and compatibility issues when using the final version.

evil west has low fps and lag

This is mostly overlooked because here you will need to update your graphics card driver or video card if you have one. This can pull up the FPS by a large margin and optimize your gameplay too. If that doesn’t work, then you must use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open the task manager and shut down those processes which you may not need or are consuming more memory than you think. Freeing the RAM can really be a game-changer. You can turn off features in development like anti-aliasing as they might still be in the developmental stage and might glitch or slow down your PC.

possible black screen error

This kind of error is one of the most common types of error and can simply be a problem with your GPU. The GPU is responsible for rendering game-quality video rendering and it can often fail if it is not meeting the minimum requirements like installing the latest driver files. Sometimes, even switching to another window or turning the screen off and on can also rectify the glitch in some cases if all other requirements are being met.

possible installation error

This one is simple to solve as installation error occurs solely due to a lack of download space on the SSD or HDD of your setup. Be sure to have at least keep 5 GB of free space in addition to the game’s size to avoid an installation error.

final verdict

That’s it, fellas, these are the most probable error you might face during setting up your game. Just remember to go through the basic requirements like updates, and drivers to be installed and your game is good to go. And in case of more bugs that can’t be fixed, cut the devs some slack as the game is in its most vulnerable stage which is just after the release stage, and errors and bugs are bound to happen. Keep your cool and report them to the developer and support them 🙂

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