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How to Fix GPU Driver Version Error in COD Warzone 2

Call of duty warzone 2 has been out for a while now and is undoubtedly one of the most hyped shooter games on the market right now. Since its release, it has been facing some issues which have led to it hitting a snag on its road to popularity. The issue the players are facing this time is related to the ‘GPU version error’ popping up in their system while trying to run the game.

This has made the players quite uneasy and in the dark as to what to do and how to fix this issue. Though the developers have been informed, it is a huge game and it will take a while for them to point out if it’s the issue with the game or the user’s end itself. Till then, here is what you can do if you are facing the same error while using call of duty warzone 2.

fixing the error in warzone 2

1. Graphics card support check

It is essential to make sure that the graphics cards you are using for warzone 2 are actually supported by the warzone’s system eligibility. For checking this go to your graphics card settings and check for the driver version required.

  • Go to the Nvidia website
  • In the given options fill product type, series, name of graphic card, and your OS
  • Hit search
  • Download the game-ready driver.

2. rollback method

Roll back method is basically turning back to the previous version, in your case, it’s about the graphics driver. Sometimes, the latest update might bring in some bugs, so it’s best to step down a version that was earlier safe. To do this follow step 1 but now instead of downloading the latest driver, download the file below it which would be its predecessor, and proceed. For AMD users:

  • Go to AMD software.
  • Go to ‘adrenaline edition’.
  • Click Drivers and Software and preferred software version.
  • Select recommended + optional.
  • Hit refresh and the latest update should come on your screen.
  • Download and install.

3. use the dedicated graphics card

For this:

  • In the windows search bar type graphics settings and click.
  • Click on Browse and go to the game installation directory.
  • Click on the call of duty warzone 2 exe file and click add.
  • Click on the added game and press options.
  • Select ‘high performance’ and click save.

4. update the game

For this, head to the steam app and click game properties after right-clicking it and pressing the update tab. enable the ‘always keep the game updated’ option which will now allow the game to auto-update whenever there is any.

5. verifying game file

For this, head to steam and go to game properties, and press on the ‘local file’ tab. Click on the ‘verify the integrity of the game’ option and wait. After it’s done, launch warzone 2.

6. windows update

Cleck for any windows update as it might be the key the solve the crash which is happening due to the absence of some windows drivers. Go to settings and click check for updates. Install and restart your machine.

That’s all fellas! Make sure to follow the above options and in the end restart your PC to reload the settings you just made and you are good to go.

Follow this link to reach Activision support

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