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Fix Hard West 2 Not Launching, Black Screen, Stuck & More

With Hard West 2 releasing many people are looking to test their hands out on the tactical turn-based game, but unfortunately many gamers are facing issues such as Black Screen and the game not loading.

This article has got you covered on that. You can learn here how you can fix those problems so that you can enjoy your beloved game without any interruptions.

Hardwest Crashfix 1

What you can do to fix the Issues?

Here are some methods by which you can fix the game crashes, black screen and other issues you are facing in Hard West 2 :

1. Restart your Computer.

Sometimes a simple restart does the job, so make sure to restart your computer and try to open your game again.

2. Do a Clean Installation of your Graphics Drivers.

You can clean install your graphics drivers, where to find the drivers? You can find them on the official sites of your graphics card company ( NVIDIA’s official website and AMD’s official website). A clean installation of drivers many times fixes the game crashes in many games.

3. Close Overlay apps, Discord, GeForce Experience, Steam Overlay.

Apps that overlay consume memory and sometimes hinder the games from launching, so it’s good to close them. This has worked for a few gamers out there.

4. Allow the game files to Antivirus software.

Sometimes Antivirus software blocks the .exe files of some games which forbids them from launching. So make sure to allow the game files to run by removing them from antivirus firewalls and restrictions.

Hardwest Crashfix2

5. Run the game using a dedicated Graphics Card.

It is very common in PCs sometimes that games run using integrated graphics in the process because of which the users face issues in games and are not able to recognise what is wrong. You can run the game using your dedicated graphics card by changing the graphics settings and adding the game to it.

6. Verify the game files.

Sometimes game files can become corrupt after downloading due to interruptions while downloading and verifying the game files and a redownload and fix the crashes and black screens. To verify the game files you need to right-click on the game > go to properties > Local Files > Verify file integrity. After verification launch the game.

7. Run the game as Administrator.

Games sometimes need to run as administrators to function properly. So run the game as an Administrator and it may fix your problem.

The methods mentioned above have worked for the majority of the users and they have been able to enjoy the game. You can try the methods mentioned above to fix the game and get rid of the interruptions holding you back to run wild in Hard West 2.

A YouTuber named DaisyWorld28 has made a video showcasing all the methods and how to do them. You can find that video below, it features some extra methods as well. For more fixes and tips on other games as well follow FutureGaming.

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