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Fix Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator Not Installing Xbox/ Microsoft Store

Potion craft is an alchemist simulator developed by nice play games and was released back in 2021 for PC where the player can play as an aspiring alchemist in their very own potion shop which has physically interactive tools including different ingredients and brewing options

Just recently only this game started facing an error where you as the user are not able to install the potion craft alchemist simulator in the system while using an Xbox or a PC. However, some may argue about the game being released a year back and still facing errors that render the game un-installable.

However, this may be due to the arousal of bugs and glitches over the course of the game’s update cycles and is something that can be fixed with a quick fix, or it can simply be an OS error altogether.

Stick around to find out how to bypass this error and the precautionary steps needed to rectify this for now.

Top 7 fix methods – potion craft alchemist simulator

Follow the below steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Make sure that you are logging in with the same account into your store from your pc or Xbox to avoid errors like this while also making sure to see if the time zone or the date in the server is the same as the region itself to maintain continuity within the server. If this is aligned, the installation error should go. You can go to the device settings to check the time and related parameters to see if they match.
  2. Like most players, if you are trying to install the app from the Xbox app then try the method with the Microsoft store library as sometimes this clears out the error. In a similar way, if you are using the store to download then try the installation from the Xbox app instead.
  3. You can also make use of the given power shell command as follows ( make sure to ‘run as administrator) – Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”
  4. You can also proceed to delete the Microsoft stored files stored as a cache to free up the registries which may allow you to install the game without any hitches.
  5. Another good way is to reset the Xbox app or the store or update the Xbox or store to their latest version or even install the Xbox identity provider and gaming services (See the guide video).
  6. One big thing that most users overlook or tend to overlook is their OS version, so it is best to keep your OS updated as this will also include some crucial driver files that may resolve the game if the error is due to the OS only.
  7. Sometimes a simple thing such as uninstalling and installing some app resolves the issue at hand, this also works in this case. Just uninstall and reinstall the Store/Xbox app.

Check out the game for more info and make sure to also use their social media platform to report any such errors for a fast response from the developers’ site

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