How to Fix Razer Synapse Not Opening on Windows Easily

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Razer Synapse is a unified cloud-based hardware configuration tool that is used to manage your Razer peripherals. You may adjust settings for your Razer devices plugged into your computers, such as your Razer mouse and keyboard, using the software.

However, at times, you may experience problems like your computer refusing to launch Razer Synapse.

Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. The issue has been brought up by numerous users. Keep reading to learn how to fix the issue.

Close all the Razer Synapse processes

  • Hit Ctrl, Shift and Esc on your keyboard to bring up the Task Manager. Find and close every Razer process that you find here.
  • Relaunch Synapse and it should be working fine.

Update Windows

  • Ensure that your computer is running the latest build of Windows 10/11 as it may help eliminate any issues that are preventing certain software from running as they should.
  • Go to your PC’s settings and check for any pending updates.

Re-install Synapse

  • Re-installing software may help correct any corrupted files.
  • Head to your PC’s Control Panel and find the ‘Uninstall a program button. Locate Razer Synapse in the list of the installed software and uninstall the same.
  • Restart your PC after Synapse has been uninstalled.
  • Head to Razer’s official website to download the installer for Synapse.
  • Try running the software after it has been correctly installed.

Run Synapse with Admin Privileges

  • Try running Synapse with admin privileges after right-clicking on the launcher and choosing ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Now search for ‘Services’ in Windows search and open the same. Make sure that the following services are running:
    • Razer Central Service
    • Razer Synapse Service

You may also check this guide from the official Razer support page and go through the YouTube videos if you are having any trouble following the above steps.

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