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How to fix COD MW 2 Players Unable to Equip Unlocked Guns

COD Modern Warfare 2 is Activision’s newest title, among the most anticipated games in 2022. In new times, the community has been speculating and making up models about the latest COD entry. Earlier, fans were intelligent to get their hands on the game in the beta phase and then week-early access campaign mode.

The producers have already introduced a collection of purchasable weapons then character cosmetics that players can get through the in-game store. However, manifold stunning skins are free as well but can only be developed by completing certain challenges and tasks. There are weapon control skins, including the Gold camo, that require extra time and focus.

There have been manifold reports of players being unable to unlock the Gold camos even after they have completed the own challenges required. Let us look at how the bug can be secure and what might have caused it.

COD Modern Warfare 2 Gold Camo Locked Bug

The originators have made it fairly easy to unlock the Gold camo weapons as they require just a few hours of hardworking grind and focus. Quick-thinking players have already acknowledged all the game modes that can benefit them and assist them to complete different challenges. But implementing a hefty challenge and then missing out on the reward can easily discourage fans, which leads to them trailing interest in the game.

Gold camo casings look spectacular as the weapons are coated in a lovely gold coat that shines with the ambient light of every map while asserting a primary level of ascendency.

Fixing Guide

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There is an in-game microbe where the fifth and final COD Modern Warfare 2 challenge does not demonstrate on the player’s screen. This challenge needs to be accomplished to unlock the gold camo weapon skin.

Luckily, the fifth challenge is no mystery and fans need to get a total of three slays without dying ten times to complete it. Smooth if the challenge doesn’t show up, players can be comprehensive on their own and the gold camo will be unlocked.

There is an additional mouse bug that prevents users from picking the Gold camo skin and hence, it cannot be equipped. There is no shortest fix for this issue but the Gold camo can be selected moreover by using the keyboard directional buttons or by linking to a console and then circumnavigating to the weapon skin.


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Newly out games are bound to have a few bugs and issues that will keep embryonic for the first few weeks till the publishers release a permanent fix.

The bug is predictable to have occurred due to an issue with the local files of COD Modern Warfare 2. Certain in-game properties are not crucial for the title to run smoothly but have a specific task such as exhibiting the fifth challenge in text with a progression bar.

There might be data retrieval issues as the servers are currently full of too many players which can cause the game to fail out on some of the information related to the players of the COD Modern Warfare 2 account.


Be sure to stay efficient as we continue to cover all the bugs and their doses for Modern Warfare 2 including some weapons build guides.


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