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How To Fix YouTube Adblock Violate Not Working (Easy Steps)

In this article, we will talk about how you can easily fix the new YouTube Adblock policy where you will get a popup for using AdBlock on YouTube and you will get a 3 YouTube video adblock warning after that, if you are still using AdBlock, you won’t be able to play videos.

For most of the sites, earning is being done by Ads. So if they don’t run ads they will not earn the required profits to run that particular website and then maintenance will be problems and the same will be user experience.

We have heard of many websites closing due to this as they were unable to maintain because of lack of revenue which is basically done by Ads. Similarly, websites that provide downloading data earn more.

YouTube Adblock Popup Fix (Account Settings)

  • So there is one simple trick if you are using YouTube with Adblocker and your account is signed in.
  • Just open an incognito tab and play YouTube there. Make sure you have Adblock enabled in the incognito mode of the browser.
  • Or if you do not want to go into incognito, then simply log out of your YouTube account and if your adblock is enabled you won’t get ads.
  • Here the main catch is that you won’t get the history of the YouTube videos you have watched.

YouTube 3 Video Adblock Popup Fix (uBlock Origin)

Here we are going to try two steps which will help you fix the issue. Please make sure your adblocker is updated which can be done by going to the extension page of your browser and checking uBlock Origin.

First uBlock Fix:

  • Open uBlock Origin settings in your browser.
  • Now you will see the Filter Lists Option. Open it.
  • Now here you have to uncheck three blocks and then update the changes.
  • In the image, you see that the three blocks: My filters, AdGuard – Annoyances and EasyList – Annoyances are unchecked.
  • Once you have unchecked, click on Update Changes from the top left.
  • Remove or turn off all the other adblockers you have.
  • Now you are good to go.

Second uBlock Fix:

  • Here check the My Filters option that you disabled in the first step from the filter list.
  • On top options, you will find My Filters.
  • Open it, copy the below lines and paste it there.
  • Click on Apply Changes and you are done., yt.config_.openPopupConfig.supportedPopups.adBlockMessageViewModel, false), Object.prototype.adBlocksFound, 0), ytplayer.config.args.raw_player_response.adPlacements, []), Object.prototype.hasAllowedInstreamAd, true)

Using TamperMonkey Extension (Might work)

  • First download the TamperMonkey Extension from your browser store.
  • This allows you to run browser scripts in the background of your browser.
  • Download the YouTube Adblock skip script.
  • Use the script in TamperMonkey and your popup will be gone.
  • Note that you need to update the script each time.
  • For detailed steps check the below video.

Hope your issue has been fixed by following the above steps. For me, it worked in the first step only. So do comment and let us know if the issue was fixed. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with these guides, fixes, tips and more.

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