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Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Controller/Gamepad Fix PC

It has been a few days since Spider-Man: Remastered was released for PC gamers and the hype for the game is still alive. All over the world, players are enjoying playing the popular PlayStation title on their PC.

The game comes with stunning graphics, a good classic Spider-Man story and amazing game mechanics. Since its launch, it has kept gamers busy for hours in the clearing story campaign and many players like to do it by using a controller instead of the keyboard, the game was released initially on the PlayStation platform and many players believe the best experience the game can offer can only be experienced by using a controller.


Players have been facing issues with playing the game with a controller on a PC. This article will tell you all you need to know on how to fix the issue you may be facing with your controller on your PC while trying to play the game.

Here are some tips on how you can solve the issues of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Controller/Gamepad Not Working On PC and get the best experience from Spider-Man: Remastered.

Restart the Game

Sometimes a simple restart to the game can fix your issues with your gamepad or controller not being detected or not functioning properly. Simply close the game and open it again and it might fix your issue and you can enjoy the game with your controller.

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Restart the PC

Restarting the PC is always a solution to many problems. CPUs when restarted boot up fresh and clear all the cache that’s been built up over that long runtime. This can allow the PC to detect new devices connected to it which were not detected before. If it does not work don’t worry there are more ways you can fix your problem described below.

Disconnect all External Devices

Disconnect all the devices you have connected to your PC (USB, Gamepads, Tartarus, etc) then try to turn off your controller (if Bluetooth) or unplug it and reconnect it. The PC now may recognise the device and it will work in the game. If it doesn’t work don’t worry.

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Configure your controller

You can configure your controller on Steam which is the provider for the game. For this, you need to go to Steam>Settings>Controller>Configure you can then select your controller from the drop-down menu and configure it.

Steam Input

For this, you need to Open Steam> right-click on the game>go to the controller then select the disable steam input from the drop-down menu. This method has worked for many players, if it doesn’t work you can try to select enable steam input and check.

Steam Big Picture

On the top right side of the toolbar of Steam, there is a button to switch the application to big picture mode. After switching to the big picture mode launch the game. If you can’t find the game go to games on the left-hand side in the big picture mode there you will find the game.

If that doesn’t work you can right-click on the game in the big picture mode then go to controller settings and select the Forced Off option. If that doesn’t work try the Forced On option.

These were some tips on how you can solve the issues you are facing with your controller in Spider-Man: Remastered. YouTuber AarohanTechSol has made a video showcasing the solution practically. You can find the video below.

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