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COD Modern Warfare 2: No Supported DXGI Adapter Found FIX

Shortly after the release of Cod Mw2 which was on 28th Oct, the game has since been much appreciated by the fans but not all is lush and green as being a new release brings the probability of facing more and more bugs

First the driver errors, then the screen flickering issues, and this time it is a ‘ no supported dxgi adapter found’ error which is driving gamers crazy and hampering the overall experience especially when it pops up while you are in the middle of the game, potentially ruining the win!

But as said, bugs and glitches are too common as of now due to the infancy of the game and while some are difficult to fix, this method right here has got you covered so do stick around till the end!

With that said, here is everything you need to know about fixing the ‘no supported dxgi adapter found’ error while playing modern warfare 2.

Ways to troubleshoot: COD modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 No DXGI Adapter error

This error can be fixed by simply updating your graphics card drivers as this problem usually occurs if your driver is not up to date with the latest version of the game.

Here is what can be done:

  • Go to your Nvidia Tab/Or access it from the website.
  • Select the drivers tab
  • Now, enter the information asked about your Operating system and your current driver.
  • After that, select the correct driver and click ‘Get Download’.
  • Refresh everything and run the application.

The reason for using the Nvidia Geforce Experience software is that it will automatically provide you with the required drivers after downloading the update. This ensures that you don’t have to manually search for the correct ones, it does it for you.


What if you are not using an Nvidia GPU? Worry not, you just have to use another dedicated software to update the drivers or you can search for your specific GPU’s drivers on the net and find the link to install those updates!

After the driver updates are done, launch modern warfare 2 and the annoying error of ‘no supported dxgi adapter found’ error should be gone/rectified. Don’t forget to restart your machine too 🙂

The following methods are obviously not ‘the’ way for a permanent fix, which will be possible after an in-game update, but for now, these methods will surely reduce the adapter not found issue and improve the gameplay experience for now.

Follow and post your issues to the devs and help them identify and extinguish them!

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