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Nfs Unbound Controller Not Working Easy Fix

The NFS Unbound version is developed by Criterion games and published by electronic arts for PlayStation 5, windows, and Xbox both series X and S. The game is set in the city of Lakeshore which is a fictional city by all means and is based very similarly on the city and scapes of Chicago.

With that said, this game is in its infancy stage and issues like compatibility, lags, crashes, and errors are likely to occur. Hence it’s best to inform the developers and let them know the problems, however, sometimes compatibility issues can be fixed by the user itself, and if not then, at least for the time being, fix them until the devs bring up a patch.

This guide is all about fixing the controller not working error which many users have been facing since a couple of hours after the game was released on 2nd Dec 2022. Such errors are easily fixable and this guide will tell you the tips and ways to bypass this error so that you can go on and continue enjoying NFS unbound.

nfs unbound fix

NFS unbound issue fixing

NFS does support the controller on the PC version but what seems to be happening is that when it’s connected, there is no prompt of it being connected which is kind of a problem. Tonnes of players tried to fix it but in vain. Follow the below steps carefully and that should rectify the problem:

  • DISABLING THE STEAM INPUT: Sometimes the steam input messes with the native profiles of the game thus leading to this situation, so disabling it can ensure that the right profiles with the right controllers are being used. Afterward, go to steam lib and go to properties after right-clicking and selecting the controller and the drop-down icon to override NFS unbound, and remember to set the steam input as disabled.
    • Click on steam at the top left corner of the client and press settings which will open a drop-down list
    • From the list click on the controller at the left
    • Then click on general controller settings which will show all the plugged-in controllers or the detected controllers and make sure your is showing connected.
  • WIRE UP YOUR CONTROLLER: Although today’s modern Bluetooth 5 above enables controllers to have a really fast time response and as reliable to a good extent, sometimes its the connection between your controller and the console that isn’t correct due to some error or an in-game glitch. So it’s best to use a wired connection to make it right.
  • PLUG-IN ONLY ONE CONTROLLER AT A TIME: Sometimes, in newer games, the multi-input scenario can really screw them up and can result in this kind of error wherein the controller cannot be detected, so whichever input you want to play with, just plug that in for now.

That’s it, fellas! Follow the above methods to rectify your error and this error will go in no time. With the game being new to the market, it is natural for such hitches to emerge and as responsible gamers, it’s our job to let the developers know about the issue in hand so that it can be fixed as soon as possible 🙂

Check out the game here and go to the support tab to inform the devs about the issue

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