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Fix Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Yuzu Emulator Black Screen Crash

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a hot new game attracting gamers from all over the world towards its incredible high-resolution gameplay and open-world game style. The game offers an adventure roleplay setup in a fantasy world with incredible graphics.

But as the game is only released for Nintendo Switch PC gamers from worldwide have to rely on the switch emulators like Yuzu to play this game on their PCs. Unfortunately, many of the users are facing crashes or black screens after launching the game.

This article will help you fix that crash or black screen and end your frustrations so that you can enjoy the beautiful world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This solution has been portrayed by the Youtuber GAMINJA in his YouTube video.

How to fix the Crash or Black Screen – EmusakUi download.

Facing the crash is frustrating but we have got a solution for that.

  • First, you have to go to your browser and search for EmusakUi it will be a GitHub link by the developer CapitaineJSparrow.
  • Open the link and simply go to Installation – releases
Xenoblade Chronicles3 crash
  • Now download the version EmuSAK-win32-×64-2.1.9-portable.zip
Xenoblade Chronicles3 Crash2

How to Fix the Crash or Black Screen – EmusakUi installation.

  • Now extract the .zip file you downloaded for EmusakUi and open the folder
  • Open the EmuSAK.exe program
Xenoblade Chronicles3 crash3
  • After opening the program select the Yuzu option.
  • Press on the download keys.
Xenoblade Chronicles3 crash4
  • Next open Yuzu and go to Setting> graphics >API settings and select OpenGL.
  • Open the game and the crash or black screen problem should be fixed.
Xenoblade Chronicles3 crash5

Following the steps correctly will fix the black screen issue you are facing and you will be able to go on that fantastic adventure and enjoy the amazing world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. For more fixes for other games and the Xenoblade saga follow FutureGaming.

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