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Top 4 Best M4A1 Scopes in Escape From Tarkov (Guide)

M4A1 has been one of the most popular rifles when it comes to shooter games, be it PUBG, or Escape from Tarkov. There is a wide variety of M4A1 scopes too. It’s usually one of the best guns in every game alongside AK-47 except the M4A1 usually has much lesser recoil and is easier to control. It has such a good reputation that if players start a new game that they’re not aware of and see M4A1 as one of the guns, it will definitely be their go-to choice.

Since Tarkov is a First-Person game where the sights and scopes you choose for your gun have a huge impact, this article will discuss all the best M4A1 Scopes and some Sights that are available to the players. Some of these scopes can also be used together. There are scopes in Tarkov that allow you to put a sight on top of them and also some other extensions that can be used for multiple scopes.

Best M4A1 Scopes and Sights

Here are the best scopes and sight combinations for M4A1 in Escape from Tarkov:

Leupold Mark 4 HAMR DeltaPoint Hybrid Scope

M4A1 Scopes
Leupold Mar 4 HAMR Hybrid

Leupold Mark 4 HAMR DeltaPoint Hybrid Scope is the best-in-slot M4A1 scopes in Escape from Tarkov. The main feature about the scope is that it allows you to use a 4x along with a normal sight for close range. The 4x can easily benifit the gun as it can be used to get precise aiming and headshots at long ranges with single shots. While the close-range sight can help the players spray precisely in closed quarters battle which are very common in Tarkov. Hence, this scope takes the throne among the best M4A1 scopes for Tarkov.

BelOMO PK-06 Reflex Sight

BelOMO PK-06

BelOMO PK-06 is a reflex sight that comes with 3 different reticle types. It is a phenomenal sight for close-range battles allowing you to freely move the gun as much as you want while giving you precise aiming. It is a great sight to use if you plan to use your M4A1 only for close range along with a sniper. This sight can be used for mid-range battles even though it isn’t entirely precise.

Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 scope

Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 scope

Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 scope provides a very nice middle ground for people looking for M4A1 Scopes that can fit as both short and long range. It provides a 3.5x scope which is amazing for long range and doesn’t feel too close for close range either. While it’s not the best choice for close range, this scope is one of the best hybrids for M4A1. It is sold by Peacekeeper.

Valday PS-320 scope

Valday PS-320 scope

Last but not the least, Valday PS-320 scope is also another amazing hybrid scope for assault rifles including M4A1. It is a great rifle to use both in close and long range and thus, most of the M4A1 Scopes are hybrind. This scope allows you to have a 6x and a 1x within the same scope. You can already see why its good.

That will do for all the best M4A1 scopes and sights. Hope this article was helpful.

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